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Official Privacy Policy

Last updated: January 24th 2024

What information do we collect?

ActorAgeCheck, by default, collects non-identifying information from accessing pages and images on the site. Unless you contact us or create an account, no personal identifiable information is collected. More information about what data is collected by each type of user is available below and information about why the data is collected is available in the next section.

If the user opts to create an account, which is an optional feature, we'll collect the following information for the purposes of account creation and usage:

1.1 Users who create an account
  • Email address submitted by the user during account creation, or submitted on the email change field in account management
  • IP address on account creation, account change requests, account changes, and account logins
  • Password stored using encryption– which cannot be decrypted or read by ActorAgeCheck

Account creation is an optional feature for additional functionality on the website and is not necessary to use the website. If users opt to use ActorAgeCheck without creating an account, the following information would be collected: (This information will be collected for users with accounts as well, in addition to the information in the prior list)

1.2 All Users
  • Pages accessed along with analytical data about errors or other issues during the serving of the page
  • Search queries are temporarily stored by us, but not linked to any users

The following information is collected by users who submit our contact or correction form

1.3 Users submitting our contact form
  • Name provided by user on the contact form
  • Email address (if provided, optional field) provided by the user on the contact form
  • IP Address used to submit the contact form

What do we use your information for?

Your information is used to support the functionality of the site. It is not used for tracking, marketing, or any other purposes beyond ensuring proper website functionality. Specifically, your information would be used for:

1.1 Users who create an account
  • Email address: Used as the login identifier for users to login to their account, and used to notify the user of account changes. The email will also be used to verify secure account functions (such as deletion)
  • IP address: Logged on account creation, login, and account changes for account security purposes
  • Password: Stored encrypted and unreadable by ActorAgeCheck. Used to verify user login information
1.2 All Users
  • Pages accessed/Analytical data: Stored without user identifiable data. Used to ensure the website is performing as expected
  • Search queries: Stored without being linked to the user. Used to speed up future search queries
1.3 Users submitting our contact form
  • Name: Used in communication about this specific ticket
  • Email address (if provided, optional field): Used to respond to ticket
  • IP Address: Used to prevent fraud and spam

How do we protect your information?

We attempt to collect as little information as possible. For most users, this means that no personal information is collected at all. For users that utilize features on the website that require additional personal information collection, we utilize fully secure servers that are kept up-to-date at all times with all security patches. We also utilize recommended security practices to secure personal data. We remove personal information at the earliest possible time, as soon as it's not necessary to hold any longer. Additionally, ActorAgeCheck does not partner with any other company or provide any information collected as part of your usage of the website with any third party. Access to your personal information is restricted to either you, as the user, or authorized developers of the website in rare cases. Very sensitive information, such as passwords for accounts on the website, are stored with one-way encryption and cannot be read by ActorAgeCheck.

Do we disclose information to third parties?

Information collected on our website stays on our servers and is utilized for functionality on the website by ActorAgeCheck. No third party has access to our database, and no information is shared with any third parties.

Your consent

Your consent is provided via 3 ways, depending on the type of usage of the site and data collected.

1.1 Users who create an account: Consent is provided when you agree to the privacy policy upon account creation by checking the checkbox

1.2 All Users: Consent is provided by using the website and our services

1.3 Users submitting our contact form: Consent is provided by submitting the form, which contains a notice about data processing detailed in our privacy policy.

Deletion of Personal Information

We try our best to collect as little personal information as necessary. You have the right to request the deletion of personal data at any point. Deletion steps based on your usage of the site is available below

1.1 Users who create an account: You may delete your account and all associated personal data by selecting "Delete Account" from the Account tab after logging in.

1.2 All Users: Personal information is not linked to you and cannot be deleted. Search queries are typically removed after 1 week. In normal usage of the website, no identifiable information is collected

1.3 Users submitting our contact form: You may submit a new ticket using the contact form with the subject "Data Removal." Include each ticket number that you've submitted, if available. This request must be sent using the same email you used to create the ticket. Please note, that upon successful removal of your personal data in this case, we can no longer reply to or access your submitted ticket and will be unable to offer assistance or act on your message.

Changes to this privacy policy

Changes to this privacy policy will be located on this page. Please bookmark this page. Users with accounts will be notified about major changes to the policy via the email they used when creating an account on ActorAgeCheck.

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