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Striving to be the best place to get information about an actor/actresses age on the web!

What is ActorAgeCheck?

ActorAgeCheck is a free service that allows you to quickly view both the current age of an actor/actress, as well as their age at the time of any movie or TV show's release.

What does '>>' mean on movie or TV credit listings?

'>>' is displayed as a persons age when their birthdate is either unknown, or not updated. In some cases, you may be able to click the actors age to view their age in that movie. If the birthday still does not show, and you know the individuals birthdate: feel free to use the "Submit a correction" button at the bottom of the page to update it!

Why is an individuals age in a movie/TV Show showing with a +?

The reason for seeing an age followed by a '+' depends on where this is being displayed:

On a movie credit page, TV episode credit page, or under a movie on an individuals page:
This likely indicates that there is no scheduled release date for the movie/TV show episode, so we display the actors current age (if available) followed by a + to indicate that the actor will be at least the age listed upon release, but potentially older.

On a TV show listed on an individual's page:
TV Show ages on an actor's page are based on when the TV show originally aired, and may not represent the age of the person when they actually starred in their first episode. The + indicates that the person would be at least the age listed based on the TV shows first air date. Click the TV show and navigate to a specific episode to view a more accurate age estimate.

How accurate is ActorAgeCheck?

We strive to maintain a highly accurate database in addition to pulling in new data from public sources. Most recently: we now allow users to submit updated information for any page on our site. Simply click "Report A Problem/Concern" at the bottom of any page to submit a correction to our team. We always appreciate users that assist us in making the website better!

Ages in movies and TV shows

Please note that ages of a particular person in a movie/TV show is based on the movies release date, and may not represent the actors age during filming.

What's new?

You no longer need to guess what's been changed in the latest update to the website. We have a changelog available on this page that contains a brief disclosure of changes. Please note that not all changes are documented, and backend updates may not contain a changelog.

Am I using the newest version?

ActorAgeCheck uses a phased roll-out of all new changes. There's a few reasons for this. The biggest is that it allows us to catch problems before they roll out to the entire userbase, which greatly reduces the impact of an issue and gives us an opportunity to fix it before everyone sees the new version. Due to the way that changes propagate to users; it could be a few weeks before changes roll out to you.

Is an app available?

We've put all of our focus into the web presentation of the frontend at this time. While a wrapper could be made available… we believe that the website provides a reliable and stable experience. You can also add the site to your home screen for quick access!

Concerned about your content?

We strive to make sure that our website offers valuable information to your fans; however, please use the contact form to the left if you feel like you would prefer to remove content from the site. We review all valid requests. Please note: if any information that you wish to be removed is public information and available from publicly accessible databases, then we are unable to assist with its removal due to propagation issues.

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Documented changes are usually available below shortly after deployment. Please note that new deployments are phased out over time and not all users experience the same version of ActorAgeCheck. This changelog will be moving to our new blog shortly.

This changelog is only available in English.

Version 2.0.0

Introducing a complete redesign, rewrite of core components, enhanced cloud caching, TV show support, an improved crowdsourcing system, and so much more!

  • Completely redesigned: After a decade of only minor improvements to the original design… ActorAgeCheck has been completely redesigned with a new modern experience, shedding the old 'blur' style. Bringing the most important information to the forefront and making critical information clearer. Improvements have been made for devices with larger screens as well.
  • More performant frontend: The frontend has been rewritten to be lighter and much more performant on all devices. The new backend and frontend work together to deliver a lightning fast experience.
  • An improved search experience: Search suggestions and autocomplete are now available. More results now display with each query. Searching is now faster due to less requests being made per search.
  • Actor and movie credit searching: You can now search for movies within an actors/actresses credit listing, as well as search for people inside movie and TV show credit pages.
  • TV Show support: You can now search for TV shows and view TV show credit details for actors and actresses
  • Crew information is now available: Information about crew members (e.g. Directors, Producers, Writers) and their ages are now displayed on movie and TV show credit pages. This is a preliminary first step towards expanding outside of actors/actresses. (Thanks Andrew)
  • Completely re-written caching: Our brand new caching system and more aggressive CDN distribution caching means an experience that's over triple the performance of the previous iteration.
  • Crowdsourcing improvement: Actor pages, movie pages, and TV show pages now offer users a button to suggest an update to the data presented.
  • Homepage improvement: The new homepage will still display recently searched; however, users will now also see a list of popular actors and actresses.
  • Module-based system: A rewrite to the core backend permits easier development of future feature enhancements.
  • Quality of life enhancements: Actor birthdays are now displayed on search results and on movie/tv credits. Actors death day is now listed on search results and inside credits. Actor birthplaces are now displayed. Improved grammar on detail pages (e.g. actor will be, vs actor was). These are just a few examples. Critical information is now presented in a more obvious way.
  • Contact us page added: A very obscure listing of our feedback email address used to be available. We've migrated to a more simple contact form that can even be used anonymously now.
  • IPv6 Improvements: The backend and frontend have had some components rewritten to offer better IPv6 compatibility. This includes new IPv6 routing for our API access (
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