What is this?
ActorAgeCheck is a free service that allows you to quickly view the age of an actor/actress along with their age in a specific movie (it's important to note that the age of a person in a particular movie is based on the movies release date, and may not represent the actual filming date).

How accurate is ActorAgeCheck?
Our database is powered by the most powerful people on the planet. Studies show that 60% of the time, our search works every time.

Who makes ActorAgeCheck?
ActorAgeCheck is created and maintained by Dwight Dickinson.

It's missing a bunch of stuff
It's definitely not perfect, and I'm always working to improve the site. If you see a bug, please email me below.

What's new in this update?
It's much prettier... and faster! In addition to a new design, everything is served through the cloud and cached to speed up image loading. Send your feedback! [email protected]

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