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Taxi Killer

Plot: Catherine Hickland plays a taxi driver who is robbed and gang raped. She is then stalked by her attackers who also kill her father played by Chuck Connors
Release Date: Friday, January 1 1987
36 years ago
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Portrait of Jane LynchJane Lynch
Jane Lynch was
27 in Taxi Killer
Thu, Jul 14 1960
Portrait of Chuck ConnorsChuck Connors
Chuck Connors was
66 in Taxi Killer
Sun, Apr 10 1921 –
Tue, Nov 10 1992
Portrait of Van JohnsonVan Johnson
Van Johnson was
71 in Taxi Killer
Fri, Aug 25 1916 –
Fri, Dec 12 2008
Portrait of Walter D'AmoreWalter D'Amore
Walter D'Amore was
>> in Taxi Killer
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Eddie J. FernandezEddie J. Fernandez
Eddie J. Fernandez was
>> in Taxi Killer
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Catherine HicklandCatherine Hickland
Catherine Hickland was
31 in Taxi Killer
Sat, Feb 11 1956


Portrait of Stelvio MassiStelvio Massi
Stelvio Massi was
58 in Taxi Killer
as 'Director'
Tue, Mar 26 1929 –
Fri, Mar 26 2004
Portrait of Mario GariazzoMario Gariazzo
Mario Gariazzo was
57 in Taxi Killer
as 'Writer'
Wed, Jun 04 1930 –
Mon, Mar 18 2002
Portrait of Paola PascoliniPaola Pascolini
Paola Pascolini was
>> in Taxi Killer
as 'Writer'
Unknown Birthday