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Poster of AJPW Giant Baba Memorial Spectacular

AJPW Giant Baba Memorial Spectacular

Release Date: Sunday, January 28 2001 (21 years ago)
Portrait of Toshiaki KawadaToshiaki Kawada
Toshiaki Kawada was:
Portrait of Kensuke SasakiKensuke Sasaki
Kensuke Sasaki was:
Portrait of Hiroshi HaseHiroshi Hase
Hiroshi Hase was:
Portrait of Genichiro ShimadaGenichiro Shimada
Genichiro Shimada was:
Portrait of Keiji MutohKeiji Mutoh
Keiji Mutoh was:
Portrait of Maunakea MossmanMaunakea Mossman
Maunakea Mossman was:
Portrait of Michael PolchlopekMichael Polchlopek
Mike Barton
Michael Polchlopek was:
Portrait of Steve WilliamsSteve Williams
Steve Williams was:
Portrait of Larry ShreveLarry Shreve
Abdullah The Butcher
Larry Shreve was:
Portrait of Terry FunkTerry Funk
Terry Funk was:
Portrait of Atsushi ÔnitaAtsushi Ônita
Atsushi Ônita was:
Portrait of Masanobu FuchiMasanobu Fuchi
Masanobu Fuchi was:
Portrait of Keiichi YamadaKeiichi Yamada
Jushin Thunder Liger
Keiichi Yamada was:
Portrait of Mike RotundaMike Rotunda
Mike Rotundo
Mike Rotunda was:
Portrait of Curt HennigCurt Hennig
Curt Hennig was:
Portrait of Barry WindhamBarry Windham
Barry Windham was:
Portrait of John HindleyJohn Hindley
John Hindley was:
Portrait of James RochaJames Rocha
James Rocha was:
Portrait of George HinesGeorge Hines
George Hines was:
Portrait of Mohammed YoneMohammed Yone
Mohammed Yone was:
Portrait of Alexander OtsukaAlexander Otsuka
Alexander Otsuka was:
Portrait of Mitsuya NagaiMitsuya Nagai
Mitsuya Nagai was:
Portrait of Masahito KakiharaMasahito Kakihara
Masahito Kakihara was:
Portrait of Blue PantherBlue Panther
Blue Panther was:
Portrait of Aarón ArellanoAarón Arellano
Aarón Arellano was:
Portrait of Jorge RodríguezJorge Rodríguez
Jorge Rodríguez was:
Portrait of Yoshiaki FujiwaraYoshiaki Fujiwara
Yoshiaki Fujiwara was:
Portrait of Nobutaka ArayaNobutaka Araya
Nobutaka Araya was:
Portrait of Shigeo OkumuraShigeo Okumura
Shigeo Okumura was:
Portrait of Philip LafondPhilip Lafond
Danny Kroffat
Philip Lafond was:
Portrait of Susumu MochizukiSusumu Mochizuki
Susumu Mochizuki was:
Portrait of Stan HansenStan Hansen
Stan Hansen was:
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