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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Embezzler

The Embezzler

Release Date: 1954-07-01 (67 years ago)
Charles Victor
Henry Paulson
Charles Victor was:
Zena Marshall
Mrs. Claire Forrest
Zena Marshall was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Alec Johnson
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Leslie Weston
Leslie Weston was:
Avice Landone
Miss Ackroyd
Avice Landone was:
Michael Craig
Dr. Forrest
Michael Craig was:
Phyllis Morris
Mrs. Paulson
Phyllis Morris was:
Peggy Mount
Mrs. Larkin
Peggy Mount was:
Ian Fleming
Ian Fleming was:
Dennis Chinnery
Bank Clerk
Dennis Chinnery was:
Frank Forsyth
Inspector Gale
Frank Forsyth was:
Carole Lesley
Tea Shop Waitress
Carole Lesley was:
Sam Kydd
Railway Inspector
Sam Kydd was:
Ronnie Stevens
Travel Agent
Ronnie Stevens was:
Martin Wyldeck
Police Sergeant
Martin Wyldeck was:
Patrick Jordan
Police Sergeant
Patrick Jordan was:
Olive Kirby
Hotel Maid
Olive Kirby was:
Alastair Hunter
Bank Manager
Alastair Hunter was:
Christopher Banks
Christopher Banks was:
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