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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

The Bad Lord Byron

The Bad Lord Byron

Release Date: 1949-04-18 (72 years ago)
Dennis Price
Lord Byron
Dennis Price was:
Mai Zetterling
Teresa Guiccioli
Mai Zetterling was:
Joan Greenwood
Lady Caroline Lamb
Joan Greenwood was:
Linden Travers
Augusta Leigh
Linden Travers was:
Sonia Holm
Annabella Milbanke
Sonia Holm was:
Raymond Lovell
John Hobhouse
Raymond Lovell was:
Leslie Dwyer
Leslie Dwyer was:
Denis O'Dea
Prosecuting Counsel
Denis O'Dea was:
Irene Browne
Lady Melbourne
Irene Browne was:
Virgílio Teixeira
Pietro Gamba
Virgílio Teixeira was:
Ernest Thesiger
Count Guiccioli
Ernest Thesiger was:
Gerard Heinz
Austrian Officer
Gerard Heinz was:
Cyril Chamberlain
Defending Counsel
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Mr. Hopton
Wilfrid Hyde-White was:
Henry Oscar
Count Gamba
Henry Oscar was:
Richard Molinas
Richard Molinas was:
Robert Harris
Robert Harris was:
Ronald Adam
Ronald Adam was:
Archie Duncan
John Murray
Archie Duncan was:
Barry Jones
Colonel Stonhope
Barry Jones was:
Natalie Moya
Lady Milbanke
Natalie Moya was:
John Stone
Lord Clark
John Stone was:
Nora Swinburne
Lady Jersey
Nora Swinburne was:
John Salew
Samuel Rogers
John Salew was:
Lena Lanare
La Fornarina
Lena Lanare was:
Betty Lynne
Signora Segati
Betty Lynne was:
Bernard Rebel
Doctor Bruno
Bernard Rebel was:
Liam Gaffney
Tom Moore
Liam Gaffney was:
Gilbert Davis
Gilbert Davis was:
Vincent Holman
Vincent Holman was:
Guy Le Feuvre
Guy Le Feuvre was:
Aubrey Mallalieu
1st Old club member
Aubrey Mallalieu was:
Desmond Roberts
2nd Old club member
Desmond Roberts was:
Zena Marshall
An Italian Woman
Zena Marshall was:
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