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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

So Evil My Love

So Evil My Love

Release Date: 1948-08-02 (73 years ago)
Ray Milland
Mark Bellis
Ray Milland was:
Ann Todd
Olivia Harwood
Ann Todd was:
Geraldine Fitzgerald
Susan Courtney
Geraldine Fitzgerald was:
Leo G. Carroll
Leo G. Carroll was:
Raymond Huntley
Henry Courtney
Raymond Huntley was:
Martita Hunt
Mrs. Courtney (SR)
Martita Hunt was:
Moira Lister
Kitty Feathers
Moira Lister was:
Raymond Lovell
Raymond Lovell was:
Roderick Lovell
Sir John Curle
Roderick Lovell was:
Muriel Aked
Miss Shoebridge
Muriel Aked was:
Finlay Currie
Dr. Krylie
Finlay Currie was:
Maureen Delaney
Maureen Delaney was:
Ivor Barnard
Mr. Watson
Ivor Barnard was:
Ernest Jay
Ernest Jay was:
Hugh Griffith
Hugh Griffith was:
Zena Marshall
Zena Marshall was:
Eliot Makeham
Mr. Helliwell
Eliot Makeham was:
Guy Le Feuvre
Dr. Pound
Guy Le Feuvre was:
Vincent Holman
Vincent Holman was:
Chris Halward
Chris Halward was:
John Wilder
John Wilder was:
Leonie Lamartine
Leonie Lamartine was:
Clarence Bigge
Dr. Cunningham
Clarence Bigge was:
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