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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Sleeping Car To Trieste

Sleeping Car To Trieste

Release Date: 1948-10-06 (73 years ago)
Jean Kent
Jean Kent was:
Albert Lieven
Albert Lieven was:
Derrick De Marney
George Grant
Derrick De Marney was:
Paul Dupuis
Detective Inspector Jolif
Paul Dupuis was:
Rona Anderson
Joan Maxted
Rona Anderson was:
David Tomlinson
Tom Bishop
David Tomlinson was:
Bonar Colleano
Sergeant West
Bonar Colleano was:
Finlay Currie
Alastair McBain
Finlay Currie was:
Grégoire Aslan
Poirier, the chef
Grégoire Aslan was:
Alan Wheatley
Karl/Charles Poole
Alan Wheatley was:
Hugh Burden
Hugh Burden was:
David Hutcheson
David Hutcheson was:
Claude Larue
Claude Larue was:
Zena Marshall
Zena Marshall was:
Leslie Weston
Leslie Weston was:
Michael Ward
Michael Ward was:
Eugene Deckers
Eugene Deckers was:
Dino Galvani
Dino Galvani was:
George De Warfaz
Chef du Train
George De Warfaz was:
Gerard Heinz
Gerard Heinz was:
Michael Balfour
Michael Balfour was:
Robert Rietti
Vincent (voice)
Robert Rietti was:
Merle Tottenham
Miss Smith
Merle Tottenham was:
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