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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Marry Me

Marry Me

Release Date: 1949-06-07 (72 years ago)
Susan Shaw
Pat Cooper
Susan Shaw was:
Derek Bond
Andrew Scott
Derek Bond was:
Patrick Holt
Martin Roberts
Patrick Holt was:
Carol Marsh
Doris Pearson
Carol Marsh was:
David Tomlinson
David Haig
David Tomlinson was:
Guy Middleton
Sir Gordon Blake
Guy Middleton was:
Zena Marshall
Marcelle Duclos
Zena Marshall was:
Nora Swinburne
Enid Lawson
Nora Swinburne was:
Jean Cadell
Hester Parsons
Jean Cadell was:
Mary Jerrold
Emily Parsons
Mary Jerrold was:
Denis O'Dea
George Saunders
Denis O'Dea was:
Brenda Bruce
Brenda Delamere
Brenda Bruce was:
Albert Lieven
Albert Lieven was:
Joan Hickson
Mrs. Pearson
Joan Hickson was:
Yvonne Owen
Sue Carson
Yvonne Owen was:
Beatrice Varley
Mrs. Perrins
Beatrice Varley was:
Alison Leggatt
Miss Beamish
Alison Leggatt was:
Marianne Stone
Marianne Stone was:
Cyril Chamberlain
P.C. Jackson
Cyril Chamberlain was:
Hal Osmond
Man in Restaurant
Hal Osmond was:
Russell Waters
Mr. Pearson
Russell Waters was:
J.H. Roberts
Old Gent in Train
J.H. Roberts was:
Lyn Evans
Railway Official
Lyn Evans was:
Anthony Steel
Jack Harris
Anthony Steel was:
Jill Allen
Singer (uncredited)
Jill Allen was:
John Boxer
Policeman (uncredited)
John Boxer was:
Esma Cannon
Pleasant Little Woman (uncredited)
Esma Cannon was:
Sandra Dorne
Giggly Girl (uncredited)
Sandra Dorne was:
Judith Furse
Statuesque Woman (uncredited)
Judith Furse was:
Everley Gregg
Miss Pilby (uncredited)
Everley Gregg was:
Tamara Lees
Arty Woman (uncredited)
Tamara Lees was:
George Merritt
Gazette Editor (uncredited)
George Merritt was:
Eric Pohlmann
Mr. Cinelli (uncredited)
Eric Pohlmann was:
John Salew
Charlie (uncredited)
John Salew was:
Anne Valery
Girl in David's Office (uncredited)
Anne Valery was:
Herbert C. Walton
News Vendor (uncredited)
Herbert C. Walton was:
Michael Ward
Minor Role (uncredited)
Michael Ward was:
John Warren
Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)
John Warren was:
Richard Wattis
Minor Role (uncredited)
Richard Wattis was:
Ian Wilson
Minor Role (uncredited)
Ian Wilson was:
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