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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Good-Time Girl

Good-Time Girl

Release Date: 1948-04-28 (73 years ago)
Jean Kent
Gwen Rawlings
Jean Kent was:
Dennis Price
Michael 'Red' Farrell
Dennis Price was:
Flora Robson
Miss Thorpe
Flora Robson was:
Herbert Lom
Max Vine
Herbert Lom was:
Griffith Jones
Danny Martin
Griffith Jones was:
Bonar Colleano
Micky Malone
Bonar Colleano was:
Peter Glenville
Jimmy Rosso
Peter Glenville was:
Diana Dors
Lyla Lawrence
Diana Dors was:
Zena Marshall
Annie Farrell
Zena Marshall was:
George Carney
Mr. Rawlings
George Carney was:
Beatrice Varley
Mrs. Rawlings
Beatrice Varley was:
Hugh McDermott
Al Schwartz
Hugh McDermott was:
Amy Veness
Mrs. Chalk
Amy Veness was:
Elwyn Brook-Jones
Mr. Pottinger
Elwyn Brook-Jones was:
Orlando Martins
Orlando Martins was:
Renee Gadd
Mrs. Parsons
Renee Gadd was:
Jill Balcon
Jill Balcon was:
Joan Young
Mrs. Bond
Joan Young was:
Margaret Barton
Margaret Barton was:
Jack Raine
Detective Inspector Girton
Jack Raine was:
Nora Swinburne
Miss Mills
Nora Swinburne was:
George Merritt
Police Sergeant
George Merritt was:
Michael Hordern
Michael Hordern was:
Garry Marsh
Mr. Hawkins
Garry Marsh was:
Harry Ross
Fruity Lee
Harry Ross was:
Dorothy Vernon
Mrs. Chudd
Dorothy Vernon was:
Vera Frances
Edie Rawlings
Vera Frances was:
June Byford
Joan Rawlings
June Byford was:
John Blythe
Art Moody
John Blythe was:
Edward Lexy
Mr. Morgan
Edward Lexy was:
Phyl French
Phyl French was:
Danny Green
Smiling Billy
Danny Green was:
Noel Howlett
Noel Howlett was:
Mollie Palmer
Reform School Girl
Mollie Palmer was:
Ilena Sylva
Ilena Sylva was:
Betty Nelson
Betty Nelson was:
Rosalind Atkinson
Rosalind Atkinson was:
Iris Vandeleur
Iris Vandeleur was:
Jane Hylton
Jane Hylton was:
Lionel Grose
Silver Slipper Doorman
Lionel Grose was:
Arthur Hambling
Policeman at Park Gates
Arthur Hambling was:
Tommy Duggan
MP (uncredited)
Tommy Duggan was:
Dennis Harkin
A Pug (uncredited)
Dennis Harkin was:
Wally Patch
Bookie (uncredited)
Wally Patch was:
Phyllis Stanley
Ida (uncredited)
Phyllis Stanley was:
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