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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Dr. No

Dr. No

Release Date: 1962-10-07 (59 years ago)
Sean Connery
James Bond
Sean Connery was:
Ursula Andress
Honey Ryder
Ursula Andress was:
Joseph Wiseman
Dr. No
Joseph Wiseman was:
Jack Lord
Felix Leiter
Jack Lord was:
Bernard Lee
Bernard Lee was:
Anthony Dawson
Professor R. J. Dent
Anthony Dawson was:
Zena Marshall
Miss Taro
Zena Marshall was:
John Kitzmiller
John Kitzmiller was:
Eunice Gayson
Sylvia Trench
Eunice Gayson was:
Lois Maxwell
Miss Moneypenny
Lois Maxwell was:
Peter Burton
Major Boothroyd
Peter Burton was:
Yvonne Shima
Sister Lily
Yvonne Shima was:
Michel Mok
Sister Rose
Michel Mok was:
Marguerite LeWars
Annabel Chung - Photographer
Marguerite LeWars was:
William Foster-Davis
Superintendent Duff
William Foster-Davis was:
Dolores Keator
Mary Trueblood
Dolores Keator was:
Reginald Carter
Mr. Jones
Reginald Carter was:
Louis Blaazer
Louis Blaazer was:
Colonel Burton
General Potter
Colonel Burton was:
John Hatton
Signals Foreman (uncredited)
John Hatton was:
Byron Lee
Bandleader (uncredited)
Byron Lee was:
Timothy Napier Moxon
Professor John Strangways (uncredited)
Timothy Napier Moxon was:
Malou Pantera
Hotel Receptionist (uncredited)
Malou Pantera was:
Lester Prendergast
Puss Feller (uncredited)
Lester Prendergast was:
Diana Coupland
Honey Ryder - Singing Voice (voice) (uncredited)
Diana Coupland was:
Nikki Van der Zyl
Honey Ryder / Sylvia Trench / Various (voice) (uncredited)
Nikki Van der Zyl was:
Adrian Robinson
Hearse Driver
Adrian Robinson was:
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