Poster of Werewolf of London

Werewolf of London

Release Date: Monday, May 13 1935
88 years ago
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Portrait of Henry HullHenry Hull
Dr. Wilfred Glendon
Henry Hull was:
Fri, Oct 03 1890
Tue, Mar 08 1977
Portrait of Warner OlandWarner Oland
Dr. Yogami
Warner Oland was:
Fri, Oct 03 1879
Sat, Aug 06 1938
Portrait of Valerie HobsonValerie Hobson
Lisa Glendon
Valerie Hobson was:
Fri, Apr 13 1917
Fri, Nov 13 1998
Portrait of Lester MatthewsLester Matthews
Paul Ames
Lester Matthews was:
Wed, Jun 06 1900
Fri, Jun 06 1975
Portrait of Lawrence GrantLawrence Grant
Sir Thomas Forsythe
Lawrence Grant was:
Sun, Oct 30 1870
Tue, Feb 19 1952
Portrait of Spring ByingtonSpring Byington
Ettie Coombes
Spring Byington was:
Sun, Oct 17 1886
Tue, Sep 07 1971
Portrait of Clark WilliamsClark Williams
Hugh Renwick
Clark Williams was:
Mon, May 14 1906
Mon, Feb 13 1989
Portrait of J. M. KerriganJ. M. Kerrigan
J. M. Kerrigan was:
Mon, Dec 15 1884
Wed, Apr 29 1964
Portrait of Charlotte GranvilleCharlotte Granville
Lady Forsythe
Charlotte Granville was:
Wed, May 09 1860
Wed, Jul 08 1942
Portrait of Ethel GriffiesEthel Griffies
Mrs. Whack
Ethel Griffies was:
Fri, Apr 26 1878
Tue, Sep 09 1975
Portrait of Zeffie TilburyZeffie Tilbury
Mrs. Moncaster
Zeffie Tilbury was:
Fri, Nov 20 1863
Mon, Jul 24 1950
Portrait of Jeanne BartlettJeanne Bartlett
Jeanne Bartlett was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Reginald BarlowReginald Barlow
Timothy the Falden Caretaker (uncredited)
Reginald Barlow was:
Sun, Jun 17 1866
Tue, Jul 06 1943
Portrait of Egon BrecherEgon Brecher
Priest (uncredited)
Egon Brecher was:
Mon, Feb 16 1880
Mon, Aug 12 1946
Portrait of Herbert EvansHerbert Evans
Detective Evans (uncredited)
Herbert Evans was:
Sun, Apr 16 1882
Sun, Feb 10 1952
Portrait of Connie LeonConnie Leon
Yogami's Housekeeper Millie (uncredited)
Connie Leon was:
Sat, Jan 01 1881
Tue, May 10 1955
Portrait of Amber NormanAmber Norman
Girl in Goose Lane (uncredited)
Amber Norman was:
Thu, Jun 06 1901
Sat, Oct 21 1972
Portrait of Tempe PigottTempe Pigott
Drunk Woman (uncredited)
Tempe Pigott was:
Sat, Feb 02 1884
Sat, Oct 06 1962
Portrait of Harry StubbsHarry Stubbs
Officer Jenkins (uncredited)
Harry Stubbs was:
Mon, Dec 07 1874
Thu, Mar 09 1950


Portrait of Stuart WalkerStuart Walker
Stuart Walker was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Phil KarlsonPhil Karlson
Assistant Director
Phil Karlson was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Charles J. StumarCharles J. Stumar
Director of Photography
Charles J. Stumar was:
Thu, Aug 28 1890
Sat, Jun 29 1935
Portrait of Charles S. GouldCharles S. Gould
Assistant Director
Charles S. Gould was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Edmund PearsonEdmund Pearson
Edmund Pearson was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of John ColtonJohn Colton
John Colton was:
Sat, Dec 31 1887
Thu, Dec 26 1946
Portrait of Stanley BergermanStanley Bergerman
Executive Producer
Stanley Bergerman was:
Thu, Aug 27 1903
Mon, Jul 13 1998
Portrait of Robert HarrisRobert Harris
Story, Associate Producer
Robert Harris was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Milton CarruthMilton Carruth
Milton Carruth was:
Thu, Mar 23 1899
Thu, Sep 07 1972
Portrait of Russell F. SchoengarthRussell F. Schoengarth
Russell F. Schoengarth was:
Sat, May 28 1904
Sat, Mar 30 1974
Portrait of Maurice PivarMaurice Pivar
Supervising Editor
Maurice Pivar was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Heinz RoemheldHeinz Roemheld
Heinz Roemheld was:
Wed, May 01 1901
Mon, Feb 11 1985
Portrait of Abe MeyerAbe Meyer
Music Coordinator
Abe Meyer was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Karl HajosKarl Hajos
Original Music Composer, Conductor
Karl Hajos was:
Mon, Jan 28 1889
Wed, Feb 01 1950
Portrait of Gilbert KurlandGilbert Kurland
Music Supervisor, Sound Supervisor
Gilbert Kurland was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Eddie ParkerEddie Parker
Stunt Double
Eddie Parker was:
Wed, Dec 12 1900
Wed, Jan 20 1960
Portrait of Harvey ParryHarvey Parry
Stunt Double
Harvey Parry was:
Mon, Apr 23 1900
Wed, Sep 18 1985
Portrait of Donald CunliffeDonald Cunliffe
Sound Recordist
Donald Cunliffe was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of John P. FultonJohn P. Fulton
Special Effects
John P. Fulton was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of George DeNormandGeorge DeNormand
Stunt Double
George DeNormand was:
Tue, Sep 22 1903
Thu, Dec 23 1976
Portrait of Harvey GatesHarvey Gates
Harvey Gates was:
Sat, Jan 19 1889
Thu, Nov 04 1948
Portrait of Albert S. D'AgostinoAlbert S. D'Agostino
Art Direction
Albert S. D'Agostino was:
Mon, Dec 26 1892
Sat, Mar 14 1970
Portrait of Jack PierceJack Pierce
Makeup Artist
Jack Pierce was:
Sun, May 05 1889
Fri, Jul 19 1968
Portrait of Clifford VaughanClifford Vaughan
Clifford Vaughan was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Maury GertsmanMaury Gertsman
Camera Operator
Maury Gertsman was:
Wed, Apr 17 1907
Mon, Dec 13 1999
Portrait of John J. MartinJohn J. Martin
Assistant Camera
John J. Martin was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of David S. HorsleyDavid S. Horsley
Special Effects Assistant
David S. Horsley was:
Sun, Dec 23 1906
Sat, Oct 16 1976
Portrait of Lester KahnLester Kahn
Lester Kahn was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Muriel YoemansMuriel Yoemans
Production Secretary
Muriel Yoemans was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Billy MoritzBilly Moritz
Production Secretary
Billy Moritz was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Irving SmithIrving Smith
Lighting Technician
Irving Smith was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Mary WestMary West
Child Wrangler
Mary West was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Robert LaszloRobert Laszlo
Property Master
Robert Laszlo was:
Sat, Jan 12 1895
Sat, Jul 09 1960
Portrait of Frank ArtmanFrank Artman
Boom Operator
Frank Artman was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Archie HallArchie Hall
Technical Supervisor
Archie Hall was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Armand TrillerArmand Triller
Makeup Artist
Armand Triller was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Mary DolorMary Dolor
Hair Setup
Mary Dolor was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Bob RichardsBob Richards
Sound Mixer
Bob Richards was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of E. BrownE. Brown
E. Brown was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of A. BuckleyA. Buckley
A. Buckley was:
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Jean RaymondJean Raymond
Script Researcher
Jean Raymond was:
Unknown Birthday