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Youth of the Beast

Youth of the Beast

Release Date: 1963-04-21 (58 years ago)
Jō Shishido
Jôji 'Jo' Mizuno
Jō Shishido was:
Misako Watanabe
Kumiko Takeshita
Misako Watanabe was:
Tamio Kawachi
Hideo Nomoto
Tamio Kawachi was:
Minako Katsuki
Sawako Miura
Minako Katsuki was:
Daizaburo Hirata
Daizaburo Hirata was:
Eimei Esumi
Gorô Minami
Eimei Esumi was:
Eiji Gō
Shigeru Takechi
Eiji Gō was:
Akiji Kobayashi
Tatsuo Nomoto
Akiji Kobayashi was:
Masao Shimizu
Yôsuke Ishiyama
Masao Shimizu was:
Nobuo Kaneko
Sôichi Ozawa
Nobuo Kaneko was:
Koichi Uenoyama
Masao Hisano
Koichi Uenoyama was:
Yuzo Kiura
Takeo Minegishi
Yuzo Kiura was:
Naomi Hoshi
Naomi Hoshi was:
Hiroshi Kôno
Seizô Honma
Hiroshi Kôno was:
Shuntaro Tamamura
Shôichi Maeda
Shuntaro Tamamura was:
Mizuho Suzuki
Detective Hirokawa
Mizuho Suzuki was:
Zenji Yamada
Zenji Yamada was:
Yuriko Abe
Yuriko Abe was:
Ikuko Kimuro
Ikuko Kimuro was:
Shirô Yanase
Ken Ishizaki
Shirô Yanase was:
Tomio Aoki
Terumi Matsui
Tomio Aoki was:
Ichiro Kijima
Detective Kôichi Takeshita - Jo's Former Partner
Ichiro Kijima was:
Shozo Miki
Tetsuji Takeshima
Shozo Miki was:
Akinori Hanamura
Detective Oshima
Akinori Hanamura was:
Kosuke Hisamatsu
Detective Yamaguchi
Kosuke Hisamatsu was:
Takashi Nomura
Takashi Nomura was:
Gen Mihama
Gen Mihama was:
Gô Kuroda
Tokio Morikawa
Gô Kuroda was:
Densuke Mitsuzawa
Densuke Mitsuzawa was:
Ikuo Nikaido
Ikuo Nikaido was:
Hiroshi Midorikawa
Sanjirô Tsuji
Hiroshi Midorikawa was:
Masako Urushizawa
Masako Urushizawa was:
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi was:
Kensuke Akashi
Kensuke Akashi was:
Yasuo Itoga
Yasuo Itoga was:
Hiroshi Takao
Detective Nomura
Hiroshi Takao was:
Toshihiko Oda
Toshihiko Oda was:
Kinzô Shin
Shinsuke Onodera
Kinzô Shin was:
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