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The Guys Who Put Money on Me

The Guys Who Put Money on Me

Release Date: 1962-12-09 (58 years ago)
Kōji Wada
Seiji Fujikura
Kōji Wada was:
Tamio Kawachi
Kenjiro Yoshida
Tamio Kawachi was:
Ryōji Hayama
Ryōji Hayama was:
Yôko Minamida
Sanae Kitazawa
Yôko Minamida was:
Mari Shiraki
Mari Shiraki was:
Mayumi Shimizu
Yoko Takei
Mayumi Shimizu was:
Kaku Takashina
Kaku Takashina was:
Yuzo Kiura
Yuzo Kiura was:
Koichi Uenoyama
Koichi Uenoyama was:
Saburo Hiromatsu
Saburo Hiromatsu was:
Asao Sano
Asao Sano was:
Shirô Yanase
Shirô Yanase was:
Tomio Aoki
Tomio Aoki was:
Hiroshi Chō
Proprietor of the "Genkian"
Hiroshi Chō was:
Hiroshi Midorikawa
Hiroshi Midorikawa was:
Kosuke Hisamatsu
Kosuke Hisamatsu was:
Shozo Miki
Shozo Miki was:
Hyōe Enoki
Drunk man
Hyōe Enoki was:
Takashi Koshiba
Reporter B
Takashi Koshiba was:
Takashi Nomura
Reporter D
Takashi Nomura was:
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi was:
Ei Shirai
Reporter C
Ei Shirai was:
Joji Hidehara
Reporter A
Joji Hidehara was:
Gen Mihama
Detective B
Gen Mihama was:
Kenji Shimamura
Kenji Shimamura was:
Akira Takahashi
Detective A
Akira Takahashi was:
Takeo Ono
Neighborhood man A
Takeo Ono was:
Akira Nakao
Bartender at the "Toto" bar
Akira Nakao was:
Tatsuya Fuji
Tatsuya Fuji was:
Toshihiko Miyagawa
Reporter E
Toshihiko Miyagawa was:
Wataru Kobayashi
Wataru Kobayashi was:
Shiro Tonami
Shiro Tonami was:
Takashi Okawa
Neighborhood man B
Takashi Okawa was:
Jiro Yamazaki
Shinichi Takei
Jiro Yamazaki was:
Hiroshi Takao
Hiroshi Takao was:
Toshihiko Oda
TV announcer
Toshihiko Oda was:
Tetsuya Nakahira
Tetsuya Nakahira was:
Toru Moriya
Toru Moriya was:
Masaaki Yamamoto
Masaaki Yamamoto was:
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