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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Teenage Yakuza

Teenage Yakuza

Release Date: 1962-06-20 (58 years ago)
Tamio Kawachi
Tamio Kawachi was:
Midori Tashiro
Midori Tashiro was:
Toshio Sugiyama
Toshio Sugiyama was:
Asao Sano
Noodle Shop Owner
Asao Sano was:
Kayo Matsuo
Kayo Matsuo was:
Kotoe Hatsui
Jiro's Mother
Kotoe Hatsui was:
Noriko Matsumoto
Noriko Matsumoto was:
Zenji Yamada
Yoshio's Father
Zenji Yamada was:
Kaku Takashina
Kaku Takashina was:
Yuzo Kiura
Hatsuko's Fiancé
Yuzo Kiura was:
Koichi Uenoyama
Koichi Uenoyama was:
Hiroshi Ichimura
Hiroshi Ichimura was:
Shirô Yanase
Appliance Store Owner
Shirô Yanase was:
Yasuhiro Kameyama
Yasuhiro Kameyama was:
Keiko Hara
Yoshio's Mother
Keiko Hara was:
Ikunosuke Koizumi
Pachinko Parlor Owner
Ikunosuke Koizumi was:
Setsuko Amamiya
Setsuko Amamiya was:
Shiro Tonami
Shiro Tonami was:
Shigeo Hayashi
Shigeo Hayashi was:
Hyōe Enoki
Police Officer
Hyōe Enoki was:
Wataru Kobayashi
Construction Worker
Wataru Kobayashi was:
Masaaki Yamamoto
Masaaki Yamamoto was:
Kosuke Hisamatsu
Kosuke Hisamatsu was:
Yôko Yokota
Yôko Yokota was:
Katsuyo Kanai
Katsuyo Kanai was:
Michiko Amamiya
Michiko Amamiya was:
Kasumi Motegi
Kasumi Motegi was:
Kentaro Sakuma
Kentaro Sakuma was:
Takeo Ono
Takeo Ono was:
Hiroshi Takao
Hiroshi Takao was:
Yoshio Tsuchida
Yoshio Tsuchida was:
Akio Fujii
Akio Fujii was:
Kenichi Shikida
Kenichi Shikida was:
Tamehisa Aida
Tamehisa Aida was:
Tatsuya Fuji
Tatsuya Fuji was:
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