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Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell, Bastards!

Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell, Bastards!

Release Date: 1963-01-27 (58 years ago)
Jō Shishido
Hideo Tajima
Jō Shishido was:
Reiko Sasamori
Reiko Sasamori was:
Tamio Kawachi
Tamio Kawachi was:
Nobuo Kaneko
Inspector Kumagaya
Nobuo Kaneko was:
Asao Sano
Father Tajima
Asao Sano was:
Koichi Uenoyama
Koichi Uenoyama was:
Kotoe Hatsui
Kotoe Hatsui was:
Yûko Kusunoki
Yûko Kusunoki was:
Kinzō Shin
Kinzō Shin was:
Toshiaki Itô
Toshiaki Itô was:
Hiroshi Hijikata
Hiroshi Hijikata was:
Naomi Hoshi
Naomi Hoshi was:
Ryusei Ito
Ryusei Ito was:
Hiroshi Chō
Plainclothes detective
Hiroshi Chō was:
Shozo Miki
Shozo Miki was:
Kosuke Hisamatsu
Kosuke Hisamatsu was:
Yuzo Kiura
Yuzo Kiura was:
Gô Kuroda
Gô Kuroda was:
Takashi Nomura
Detective Numata
Takashi Nomura was:
Hiroshi Midorikawa
Hiroshi Midorikawa was:
Sonosuke Niki
Sakura gang boss
Sonosuke Niki was:
Hyōe Enoki
Sakura gangster 1
Hyōe Enoki was:
Kōji Seyama
Sakura gangster 3
Kōji Seyama was:
Ikuo Nikaido
Otsuki gangster 3
Ikuo Nikaido was:
Wataru Kobayashi
Wataru Kobayashi was:
Hiroshi Chiyoda
Hiroshi Chiyoda was:
Shiro Tonami
Shiro Tonami was:
Masatoshi Kawase
Prison Official
Masatoshi Kawase was:
Kiyoshi Matsuoka
Kiyoshi Matsuoka was:
Akira Takahashi
Sakura gangster 2
Akira Takahashi was:
Takashi Koshiba
Takashi Koshiba was:
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi
Otsuki gangster 1
Yoshihiro Yamaguchi was:
Eizo Kurata
Otsuki gangster 4
Eizo Kurata was:
Kensuke Akashi
Kensuke Akashi was:
Gen Mihama
Plainclothes detective
Gen Mihama was:
Midori Mori
Midori Mori was:
Keiko Kitaide
Keiko Kitaide was:
Etsuko Takeuchi
Etsuko Takeuchi was:
Hoshiko Ito
Hoshiko Ito was:
Yoko Oyagi
Yoko Oyagi was:
Megumi Wakaba
Megumi Wakaba was:
Hiroshi Tachikawa
Sakura gangster 4
Hiroshi Tachikawa was:
Tetsuya Nakahira
Otsuki gangster 2
Tetsuya Nakahira was:
Tatsuya Hamaguchi
Tatsuya Hamaguchi was:
Hiroshi Takao
Hiroshi Takao was:
Chico Lourant
Chico Lourant was:
Tamehisa Aida
Sakura gangster 5
Tamehisa Aida was:
Koichi Sasaki
Otsuki gangster 5
Koichi Sasaki was:
Takashi Okawa
Takashi Okawa was:
Akio Sawai
Akio Sawai was:
Aki Yoshimura
Aki Yoshimura was:
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