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Plot: A decade ago, a medical student and a steelworker become pen-friends when they chance upon the same copy of Leo Tolstoy's "Resurrection". Off the page, passion and hatred mingle and two murders are committed, and the two friends part ways
Release Date: Saturday, October 14 2017
6 years ago
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Portrait of Luo JinLuo Jin
Luo Jin was
35 in Ash
as 'Wang Dong'.
Mon, Nov 30 1981
Portrait of Nie YuanNie Yuan
Nie Yuan was
39 in Ash
as 'Chen Weikun'.
Fri, Mar 17 1978
Portrait of Jiang PeiyaoJiang Peiyao
Jiang Peiyao was
23 in Ash
as 'Xuan Hui'.
Thu, Mar 10 1994
Portrait of Jiaqi LiJiaqi Li
Jiaqi Li was
23 in Ash
as 'Yu Yingying'.
Fri, Jul 08 1994
Portrait of Huang JueHuang Jue
Huang Jue was
42 in Ash
as 'Du Guojin'.
Sun, Aug 17 1975
Portrait of Shi CeShi Ce
Shi Ce was
24 in Ash
as 'Wenwen'.
Wed, Jun 30 1993
Portrait of Yang YiweiYang Yiwei
Yang Yiwei was
35 in Ash
as 'Ma Xudong'.
Sun, Sep 26 1982
Portrait of Lu LiuLu Liu
Lu Liu was
35 in Ash
as 'Xu Liqing'.
Wed, May 26 1982


Portrait of Li XiaofengLi Xiaofeng
Li Xiaofeng was
38 in Ash
as 'Director, Writer'
Fri, Nov 10 1978
Portrait of Mu WangMu Wang
Mu Wang was
30 in Ash
as 'Screenplay'
Wed, May 27 1987
Portrait of Ma YuanyuanMa Yuanyuan
Ma Yuanyuan was
>> in Ash
as 'Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Yanhong ShengYanhong Sheng
Yanhong Sheng was
>> in Ash
as 'Producer'
Unknown Birthday
Portrait of Joewi VerhoevenJoewi Verhoeven
Joewi Verhoeven was
>> in Ash
as 'Cinematography'
Unknown Birthday