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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Manhattan Parade

Manhattan Parade

Release Date: 1931-12-24 (89 years ago)
Winnie Lightner
Doris Roberts
Winnie Lightner was:
Charles Butterworth
Herbert T. Herbert
Charles Butterworth was:
Dickie Moore
Junior Roberts
Dickie Moore was:
Joe Smith
Lou Delman
Joe Smith was:
Charles Dale
Jake Delman
Charles Dale was:
Frank Conroy
Bill Brighton
Frank Conroy was:
Bobby Watson
Bobby Watson was:
Charles Lane
Desk clerk
Charles Lane was:
Luis Alberni
Vassily Vassiloff
Luis Alberni was:
Walter Miller
John Roberts
Walter Miller was:
Mae Madison
Woman in Charge of Fitting
Mae Madison was:
Polly Walters
Telephone Girl
Polly Walters was:
Greta Granstedt
Charlotte Evans
Greta Granstedt was:
Lilian Bond
Sewing Girl
Lilian Bond was:
Charles Coleman
Laffingwell - Hired Butler
Charles Coleman was:
Helen Jerome Eddy
Delman's Secretary
Helen Jerome Eddy was:
Douglas Gerrard
Toreador with No Pants
Douglas Gerrard was:
June Gittelson
Miss Hemingway
June Gittelson was:
Ethel Griffies
Mrs. Beacon
Ethel Griffies was:
Ruth Hall
Sewing Girl
Ruth Hall was:
Sherry Hall
Suit of Iron Dresser
Sherry Hall was:
William Humphrey
William Humphrey was:
William Irving
Suit of Armor
William Irving was:
Wilbur Mack
Wilbur Mack was:
Claire McDowell
Nancy - the Maid
Claire McDowell was:
Charles Middleton
Sheriff Casey
Charles Middleton was:
Henry Otho
Deputy with Sheriff
Henry Otho was:
Nat Pendleton
Lady Godiva's Husband
Nat Pendleton was:
Larry Steers
Larry Steers was:
Edward Van Sloan
The Lawyer
Edward Van Sloan was:
Harold Waldridge
First Page Boy
Harold Waldridge was:
Niles Welch
Frank Harriman
Niles Welch was:
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