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Poster of Justice, My Foot!

Justice, My Foot!

Release Date: Thursday, July 2 1992 (30 years ago)
Portrait of Stephen ChowStephen Chow
Sung Sai-Kit / Sung Shih-Chieh
Stephen Chow was:
Portrait of Anita MuiAnita Mui
Mrs. Sung
Anita Mui was:
Portrait of Carrie NgCarrie Ng
Yeung Sau-Chun / Yang Hsiu-Chen
Carrie Ng was:
Portrait of Ng Man-tatNg Man-tat
Guangzhou Magistrate Ho Yue-Da
Ng Man-tat was:
Portrait of Paul ChunPaul Chun
Inspector General
Paul Chun was:
Portrait of Leung Kar-yanLeung Kar-yan
Shanxi Commissioner Tin
Leung Kar-yan was:
Portrait of Eddy KoEddy Ko
Yeung Ching / Yang Ching
Eddy Ko was:
Portrait of Wong HungWong Hung
Sau-Chun's Second Brother
Wong Hung was:
Portrait of Jonathan Ki-Yee ChikJonathan Ki-Yee Chik
Mr. Yiu (Yao)
Jonathan Ki-Yee Chik was:
Portrait of Kingdom YuenKingdom Yuen
Mrs. Yao / Mrs. Yiu
Kingdom Yuen was:
Portrait of Paul Che Biu-lawPaul Che Biu-law
Thin Tiger
Paul Che Biu-law was:
Portrait of Sze Kai-KeungSze Kai-Keung
Fat Dragon
Sze Kai-Keung was:
Portrait of Cheng Kwun-MinCheng Kwun-Min
Guangzhou Magistrate Hu
Cheng Kwun-Min was:
Portrait of Wong ChunWong Chun
Commissioner Tin / Mrs. Yiu's Mother
Wong Chun was:
Portrait of Wong Yat-feiWong Yat-fei
Ah Fook / Fu
Wong Yat-fei was:
Portrait of Mimi ChuMimi Chu
Mimi Chu was:
Portrait of Wong Tin-lamWong Tin-lam
Shoe Shopkeeper
Wong Tin-lam was:
Portrait of Wong SanWong San
Chan Cheung-Fu
Wong San was:
Portrait of Leung Kai-ChiLeung Kai-Chi
Fu's adviser
Leung Kai-Chi was:
Portrait of Chang Gan-WingChang Gan-Wing
Chang Gan-Wing was:
Portrait of Ai WaiAi Wai
Ah Chuen
Ai Wai was:
Portrait of Lung Tin-SangLung Tin-Sang
Magistrate Ho's Advisor
Lung Tin-Sang was:
Portrait of Fofo Ma Seung-NgokFofo Ma Seung-Ngok
Chan Tai-Man
Fofo Ma Seung-Ngok was:
Portrait of Benjamin ChanBenjamin Chan
Benjamin Chan was:
Portrait of Cheung Chi-PingCheung Chi-Ping
Assassin in Drag
Cheung Chi-Ping was:
Portrait of Cheng Ka-SangCheng Ka-Sang
Assassin in Drag
Cheng Ka-Sang was:
Portrait of Cho WingCho Wing
Inspector General's Man
Cho Wing was:
Portrait of Lam Foo-WaiLam Foo-Wai
Cheung Biu's Hired Thug
Lam Foo-Wai was:
Portrait of Lau Chi-MingLau Chi-Ming
Cheung Biu's Hired Thug
Lau Chi-Ming was:
Portrait of William Leung Chi-MingWilliam Leung Chi-Ming
Mr. Bing
William Leung Chi-Ming was:
Portrait of Leung SamLeung Sam
Cheung Biu
Leung Sam was:
Portrait of Buffalo Tang Tai-WoBuffalo Tang Tai-Wo
Cheung Biu's Hired Thug
Buffalo Tang Tai-Wo was:
Portrait of Yeung Yau-CheungYeung Yau-Cheung
Shanxi Magistrate Yeung
Yeung Yau-Cheung was:
Portrait of Yu Ngai-HoYu Ngai-Ho
Yu Ngai-Ho was:
Portrait of Shing-Cheung LeeShing-Cheung Lee
Ah Yuen
Shing-Cheung Lee was:
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