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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Secret Lives of Dorks

The Secret Lives of Dorks

Release Date: 2013-09-27 (8 years ago)
Portrait of Gaelan ConnellGaelan Connell
Gaelan Connell was:
Portrait of Vanessa MaranoVanessa Marano
Vanessa Marano was:
Portrait of Beau MirchoffBeau Mirchoff
Beau Mirchoff was:
Portrait of Riley VoelkelRiley Voelkel
Carrie Smith
Riley Voelkel was:
Portrait of Jim BelushiJim Belushi
Jim Belushi was:
Portrait of Jennifer TillyJennifer Tilly
Ms. Stewart
Jennifer Tilly was:
Portrait of Charlie StewartCharlie Stewart
Charlie Stewart was:
Portrait of Seymour CasselSeymour Cassel
Seymour Cassel was:
Portrait of William KattWilliam Katt
Mr. Gibson
William Katt was:
Portrait of Mark DaughertyMark Daugherty
Chester Summers
Mark Daugherty was:
Portrait of Tyler SteelmanTyler Steelman
Tyler Steelman was:
Portrait of Andrea BogartAndrea Bogart
Andrea Bogart was:
Portrait of Kay LenzKay Lenz
Mrs. Gibson
Kay Lenz was:
Portrait of Fortune FeimsterFortune Feimster
Fortune Feimster was:
Portrait of Daina GozanDaina Gozan
Daina Gozan was:
Portrait of Kara TaitzKara Taitz
Kara Taitz was:
Portrait of Emily WilsonEmily Wilson
Emily Wilson was:
Portrait of Jessica GardnerJessica Gardner
Lunch Lady
Jessica Gardner was:
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