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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Jawbreaker


Release Date: 1999-01-30 (23 years ago)
Portrait of Rose McGowanRose McGowan
Courtney Shayne
Rose McGowan was:
Portrait of Rebecca GayheartRebecca Gayheart
Julie Freeman
Rebecca Gayheart was:
Portrait of Julie BenzJulie Benz
Marcie Fox
Julie Benz was:
Portrait of Judy GreerJudy Greer
Fern Mayo
Judy Greer was:
Portrait of Pam GrierPam Grier
Detective Vera Cruz
Pam Grier was:
Portrait of Carol KaneCarol Kane
Ms. Sherwood
Carol Kane was:
Portrait of Chad ChristChad Christ
Zack Tartak
Chad Christ was:
Portrait of Ethan EricksonEthan Erickson
Dane Sanders
Ethan Erickson was:
Portrait of Tatyana AliTatyana Ali
Tatyana Ali was:
Portrait of Charlotte AyannaCharlotte Ayanna
Liz Purr
Charlotte Ayanna was:
Portrait of Jeff ConawayJeff Conaway
Marcie's Father
Jeff Conaway was:
Portrait of William KattWilliam Katt
Mr. Purr
William Katt was:
Portrait of P.J. SolesP.J. Soles
Mrs. Purr
P.J. Soles was:
Portrait of Marilyn MansonMarilyn Manson
The Stranger
Marilyn Manson was:
Portrait of Vylette FagerholmVylette Fagerholm
Make-Up Monger #2
Vylette Fagerholm was:
Portrait of The DonnasThe Donnas
The Donnas was:
Portrait of Alexandra AdiAlexandra Adi
Cheerleader #1
Alexandra Adi was:
Portrait of Claudine ClaudioClaudine Claudio
Drama Student #2
Claudine Claudio was:
Portrait of Brian GattasBrian Gattas
Drama Student #1
Brian Gattas was:
Portrait of Lisa Robin KellyLisa Robin Kelly
Cheerleader #2
Lisa Robin Kelly was:
Portrait of Sandy MartinSandy Martin
Sandy Martin was:
Portrait of Michael McLaffertyMichael McLafferty
College Stud
Michael McLafferty was:
Portrait of Donna PieroniDonna Pieroni
Cooking Teacher
Donna Pieroni was:
Portrait of Ann RussoAnn Russo
Gothic Girl
Ann Russo was:
Portrait of Rebecca StreetRebecca Street
Mom Freeman
Rebecca Street was:
Portrait of Rachel WinfreeRachel Winfree
English Teacher
Rachel Winfree was:
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