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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Butch and Sundance: The Early Days

Butch and Sundance: The Early Days

Release Date: 1979-06-15 (42 years ago)
Portrait of William KattWilliam Katt
Sundance Kid
William Katt was:
Portrait of Tom BerengerTom Berenger
Butch Cassidy
Tom Berenger was:
Portrait of Jeff CoreyJeff Corey
Ray Bledsoe
Jeff Corey was:
Portrait of John SchuckJohn Schuck
Harvey Logan
John Schuck was:
Portrait of Michael C. GwynneMichael C. Gwynne
Mike Cassidy
Michael C. Gwynne was:
Portrait of Peter WellerPeter Weller
Joe Le Fors
Peter Weller was:
Portrait of Brian DennehyBrian Dennehy
O.C. Hanks
Brian Dennehy was:
Portrait of Christopher LloydChristopher Lloyd
Bill Carver
Christopher Lloyd was:
Portrait of Jill EikenberryJill Eikenberry
Jill Eikenberry was:
Portrait of Joel FluellenJoel Fluellen
Jack the Bartender
Joel Fluellen was:
Portrait of Regina BaffRegina Baff
Regina Baff was:
Portrait of Peter BroccoPeter Brocco
Old Robber
Peter Brocco was:
Portrait of Vincent SchiavelliVincent Schiavelli
Vincent Schiavelli was:
Portrait of Hugh GillinHugh Gillin
Cyrus Antoon
Hugh Gillin was:
Portrait of Sherril Lynn RettinoSherril Lynn Rettino
Sherril Lynn Rettino was:
Portrait of Jack RileyJack Riley
Jack Riley was:
Portrait of Charles KnappCharles Knapp
Charles Knapp was:
Portrait of John MegnaJohn Megna
John Megna was:
Portrait of Frank DoubledayFrank Doubleday
2nd. Outlaw
Frank Doubleday was:
Portrait of John Mark RobinsonJohn Mark Robinson
3rd. Outlaw
John Mark Robinson was:
Portrait of Shay DuffinShay Duffin
Shay Duffin was:
Portrait of Noble WillinghamNoble Willingham
Captain Prewitt
Noble Willingham was:
Portrait of Elya BaskinElya Baskin
Elya Baskin was:
Portrait of Carol Ann WilliamsCarol Ann Williams
Carol Ann Williams was:
Portrait of Paul B. PricePaul B. Price
Paul B. Price was:
Portrait of Paul PlunkettPaul Plunkett
Bob Cassidy
Paul Plunkett was:
Portrait of Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart was:
Portrait of James Harmond TaylorJames Harmond Taylor
Elderly Man
James Harmond Taylor was:
Portrait of Charlene S. StocktonCharlene S. Stockton
Elderly Woman
Charlene S. Stockton was:
Portrait of Jane AustenJane Austen
Daisy Mullen
Jane Austen was:
Portrait of Daryl AndersonDaryl Anderson
Daryl Anderson was:
Portrait of Joe PacalJoe Pacal
Joe Pacal was:
Portrait of Kent HaysKent Hays
Kent Hays was:
Portrait of Regis PartonRegis Parton
Regis Parton was:
Portrait of Jane BeauchampJane Beauchamp
Fat Woman
Jane Beauchamp was:
Portrait of Bob BehannaBob Behanna
Bob Behanna was:
Portrait of Sonja Buckley BerthrongSonja Buckley Berthrong
Girl on Train
Sonja Buckley Berthrong was:
Portrait of Ben ZellerBen Zeller
Mike Cassidy's Guard
Ben Zeller was:
Portrait of Peter BurmanPeter Burman
Boy on Street
Peter Burman was:
Portrait of Aly YoderAly Yoder
Dry Goods Store Clerk
Aly Yoder was:
Portrait of Patrick EganPatrick Egan
Patrick Egan was:
Portrait of Bob TzudikerBob Tzudiker
Man on Street
Bob Tzudiker was:
Portrait of Raleigh GardenhireRaleigh Gardenhire
Raleigh Gardenhire was:
Portrait of Jackson S. HaynesJackson S. Haynes
Old Man
Jackson S. Haynes was:
Portrait of Stephanie HimmelsbachStephanie Himmelsbach
Woman at Bank
Stephanie Himmelsbach was:
Portrait of Walt StevensWalt Stevens
Walt Stevens was:
Portrait of Liam RussellLiam Russell
Liam Russell was:
Portrait of Mary MarsischskyMary Marsischsky
Lady Barber
Mary Marsischsky was:
Portrait of Caroline RackleyCaroline Rackley
Caroline Rackley was:
Portrait of Arthur HillArthur Hill
Governor (uncredited)
Arthur Hill was:
Portrait of Richard LesterRichard Lester
Man Watching Hearse Pass by (uncredited)
Richard Lester was:
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