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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Big Wednesday

Big Wednesday

Release Date: 1978-05-26 (44 years ago)
Portrait of Jan-Michael VincentJan-Michael Vincent
Jan-Michael Vincent was:
Portrait of William KattWilliam Katt
William Katt was:
Portrait of Gary BuseyGary Busey
Gary Busey was:
Portrait of Patti D'ArbanvillePatti D'Arbanville
Patti D'Arbanville was:
Portrait of Lee PurcellLee Purcell
Peggy Gordon
Lee Purcell was:
Portrait of Sam MelvilleSam Melville
Sam Melville was:
Portrait of Reb BrownReb Brown
Reb Brown was:
Portrait of Robert EnglundRobert Englund
Robert Englund was:
Portrait of Joe SpinellJoe Spinell
Joe Spinell was:
Portrait of Hank WordenHank Worden
Shopping Cart
Hank Worden was:
Portrait of Charlene TiltonCharlene Tilton
Party Girl
Charlene Tilton was:
Portrait of Celia MiliusCelia Milius
Bride of the Bear
Celia Milius was:
Portrait of Darrell FettyDarrell Fetty
Darrell Fetty was:
Portrait of Gerry LopezGerry Lopez
Gerry Lopez
Gerry Lopez was:
Portrait of Hank WordenHank Worden
Shopping Cart (as Hank Warden)
Hank Worden was:
Portrait of Steve KanalySteve Kanaly
Sally's Husband
Steve Kanaly was:
Portrait of Barbara HaleBarbara Hale
Mrs. Barlow
Barbara Hale was:
Portrait of Fran RyanFran Ryan
Fran Ryan was:
Portrait of Keith DavisKeith Davis
Keith Davis was:
Portrait of Johnny FainJohnny Fain
Johnny Fain was:
Portrait of Rick DanoRick Dano
Rick Dano was:
Portrait of Michael TalbottMichael Talbott
Michael Talbott was:
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