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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend

Release Date: 1985-03-22 (37 years ago)
Portrait of William KattWilliam Katt
George Loomis
William Katt was:
Portrait of Sean YoungSean Young
Susan Matthews-Loomis
Sean Young was:
Portrait of Patrick McGoohanPatrick McGoohan
Doctor Eric Kiviat
Patrick McGoohan was:
Portrait of Julian FellowesJulian Fellowes
Nigel Jenkins
Julian Fellowes was:
Portrait of Edward HardwickeEdward Hardwicke
Dr. Pierre Dubois
Edward Hardwicke was:
Portrait of Kyalo MativoKyalo Mativo
Kyalo Mativo was:
Portrait of Hugh QuarshieHugh Quarshie
Kenge Obe
Hugh Quarshie was:
Portrait of Olu JacobsOlu Jacobs
Col. Nsogbu
Olu Jacobs was:
Portrait of Eddie TagoeEddie Tagoe
Sgt. Gambwe
Eddie Tagoe was:
Portrait of Julian CurryJulian Curry
Julian Curry was:
Portrait of Alexis MelessAlexis Meless
Alexis Meless was:
Portrait of Susie NottinghamSusie Nottingham
Baki - Laboratory Assistant
Susie Nottingham was:
Portrait of Stephane KroraStephane Krora
Port Captain
Stephane Krora was:
Portrait of Anthony SarfohAnthony Sarfoh
Village Chief
Anthony Sarfoh was:
Portrait of Jeannot BannyJeannot Banny
Killed Soldier
Jeannot Banny was:
Portrait of Roger CarltonRoger Carlton
Old African
Roger Carlton was:
Portrait of Thérèse TabaThérèse Taba
Thérèse Taba was:
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