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WWE: The True Story of WrestleMania

WWE: The True Story of WrestleMania

Release Date: 2011-03-13 (9 years ago)
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon was:
John Cena
John Cena was:
Paul Michael Lévesque
Paul Michael Lévesque was:
Randy Orton
Randy Orton was:
Michael Hickenbottom
Michael Hickenbottom was:
Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan was:
Dwayne Johnson
The Rock (archive footage)
Dwayne Johnson was:
Carlos Colón Jr.
Carlos Colón Jr. was:
Elijah Burke
Elijah Burke was:
Cliff Compton
Cliff Compton was:
Steve Austin
Steve Austin was:
Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle was:
Louis Vincent Albano
Captain Lou Albano (archive footage)
Louis Vincent Albano was:
Ken Anderson
Mr. Kennedy (archive footage)
Ken Anderson was:
André Roussimoff
Andre the Giant (archive footage)
André Roussimoff was:
Freddie Blassie
'Classy' Freddie Blassie (archive footage)
Freddie Blassie was:
Rick Blood Sr.
Ricky Steamboat (archive footage)
Rick Blood Sr. was:
Chris Pallies
King Kong Bundy (archive footage)
Chris Pallies was:
Hassan Hamin Assad
MVP (archive footage) (as Antonio Banks)
Hassan Hamin Assad was:
Mark Calaway
The Undertaker (archive footage)
Mark Calaway was:
Chris Chavis
Tatanka (archive footage)
Chris Chavis was:
Adam Copeland
Adam Copeland was:
James Mark Cornette
Jim Cornette (archive footage)
James Mark Cornette was:
Danny DeVito
Self (archive footage)
Danny DeVito was:
Jim Duggan
'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan (archive footage)
Jim Duggan was:
Kevin Dunn
Self (archive footage)
Kevin Dunn was:
Wayne Farris
The Honky Tonk Man (archive footage)
Wayne Farris was:
Howard Finkel
Howard Finkel was:
Mick Foley
Mick Foley was:
Terry Funk
Terry Funk (archive footage)
Terry Funk was:
Jamie Noble
Jamie Noble (archive footage)
Jamie Noble was:
Jorge González
Giant Gonzales (archive footage)
Jorge González was:
Wayne Coleman
'Superstar' Billy Graham (archive footage)
Wayne Coleman was:
Chavo Guerrero Jr.
Chavo Guerrero Jr. was:
Scott Hall
Scott Hall was:
Andrew Hankinson
Festus (archive footage)
Andrew Hankinson was:
Jeffrey Nero Hardy
Jeffrey Nero Hardy was:
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy was:
Bret Hart
Bret Hart was:
Alfred Hayes
Alfred Hayes was:
Ray Heenan
Ray Heenan was:
Jim Hellwig
Jim Hellwig was:
Curt Hennig
Curt Hennig was:
Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman was:
Devon Hughes
Devon Hughes was:
Chris Irvine
Chris Irvine was:
Brian Kendrick
Brian Kendrick was:
Franklin Lashley
Franklin Lashley was:
Jerry Lawler
Jerry Lawler was:
Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar was:
Scott Levy
Raven (archive footage)
Scott Levy was:
Self (archive footage)
Liberace was:
Michael Manna
Steven Richards (archive footage)
Michael Manna was:
Andrew Martin
Test (archive footage)
Andrew Martin was:
Shane McMahon
Shane McMahon (archive footage)
Shane McMahon was:
Robert James Marella
Gorilla Monsoon (archive footage)
Robert James Marella was:
William Moody
Paul Bearer (archive footage)
William Moody was:
Sean Allen Morley
Val Venis (archive footage)
Sean Allen Morley was:
Jim Morris
Hillbilly Jim (archive footage)
Jim Morris was:
Mr. T
Self (archive footage)
Mr. T was:
Don Muraco
Self (archive footage)
Don Muraco was:
Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash was:
Jim Neidhart
Jim Neidhart was:
Gene Okerlund
Gene Okerlund was:
Paul Orndorff
Paul Orndorff was:
Bob Orton, Jr.
Bob Orton, Jr. was:
Pierre Clermont
Pierre Clermont was:
Roddy Piper
Roddy Piper was:
Phillip Jack Brooks
Phillip Jack Brooks was:
Peter Polaco
Justin Credible (archive footage)
Peter Polaco was:
Mike Polchlopek
Bart Gunn (archive footage)
Mike Polchlopek was:
Robert Remus
Robert Remus was:
William Jason Reso
Christian (archive footage)
William Jason Reso was:
Virgil Runnels
Virgil Runnels was:
Sylvester Ritter
Sylvester Ritter was:
Jim Ross
Jim Ross was:
Rick Rood
Rick Rood was:
Randy Poffo
Randy Poffo was:
Michael Seitz
Michael Seitz was:
Gene Snisky
Gene Snisky was:
Dan Spivey
Dan Spivey was:
Jim Myers
Jim Myers was:
Rob Rechsteiner
Rob Rechsteiner was:
Trish Stratus
Trish Stratus was:
Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit was:
Big John Studd
Big John Studd was:
Joey Styles
Joey Styles was:
Brian Wickens
Brian Wickens was:
Vince McMahon Sr.
Vince McMahon Sr. was:
Bill Watts
Bill Watts was:
James Ware
Koko B.Ware (archive footage)
James Ware was:
Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero was:
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