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WWE: Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Teams

WWE: Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Teams

Release Date: 2009-01-01 (12 years ago)
Michael Hickenbottom
Shawn Michaels
Michael Hickenbottom was:
Paul Michael Lévesque
Triple H
Paul Michael Lévesque was:
Adam Copeland
Adam Copeland was:
William Jason Reso
William Jason Reso was:
Tom Billington
Dynamite Kid
Tom Billington was:
Davey Boy Smith
British Bulldog
Davey Boy Smith was:
Bret Hart
Bret Hart was:
Jim Neidhart
Jim Neidhart was:
Scott Rechsteiner
Scott Steiner
Scott Rechsteiner was:
Rob Rechsteiner
Rick Steiner
Rob Rechsteiner was:
Hiroshi Hase
Hiroshi Hase was:
Kensuke Sasaki
Kensuke Sasaki was:
Jim Brunzell
Jim Brunzell was:
Brian Blair
Brian Blair was:
Bill Eadie
Bill Eadie was:
Barry Darsow
Barry Darsow was:
Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy was:
Jeffrey Nero Hardy
Jeffrey Nero Hardy was:
Michael Seitz
Michael Hayes
Michael Seitz was:
Terry Gordy
Terry Gordy was:
Dale Hey
Buddy Roberts
Dale Hey was:
Kerry Adkisson
Kerry Adkisson was:
Kevin Adkisson
Kevin Adkisson was:
Terry Funk
Terry Funk was:
Dory Funk Jr.
Dory Funk Jr. was:
Gerald Brisco
Gerald Brisco was:
Jack Brisco
Jack Brisco was:
Booker Huffman
Booker T
Booker Huffman was:
Lash Huffman
Stevie Ray
Lash Huffman was:
James Hines
Bobby Fulton
James Hines was:
Tom Couch
Tommy Rogers
Tom Couch was:
Bobby Eaton
Bobby Eaton
Bobby Eaton was:
Stan Lane
Stan Lane
Stan Lane was:
Mike Durham
Johnny Grunge
Mike Durham was:
Ted Petty
Rocco Rock
Ted Petty was:
Brian Yandrisovitz
Brian Knobbs
Brian Yandrisovitz was:
Jerome Saganovich
Jerry Sags
Jerome Saganovich was:
Frederick Jannetty
Frederick Jannetty was:
Marty Lunde
Arn Anderson
Marty Lunde was:
Tully Blanchard
Tully Blanchard was:
Merced Solis
Tito Santana
Merced Solis was:
Rick Vigneault
Rick Martel
Rick Vigneault was:
Barry Windham
Barry Windham was:
Mike Rotunda
Mike Rotundo
Mike Rotunda was:
Khosrow Vaziri
Iron Sheik
Khosrow Vaziri was:
Josip Peruzović
Nikolai Volkoff
Josip Peruzović was:
Mark LoMonaco
Bubba Ray Dudley
Mark LoMonaco was:
Devon Hughes
D-Von Dudley
Devon Hughes was:
Kevin Nash
Kevin Nash was:
Scott Hall
Scott Hall was:
Steve Borden
Steve Borden was:
Scott Simpson
Nikita Koloff
Scott Simpson was:
Nick Bockwinkel
Nick Bockwinkel was:
Carl Ray Stevens
Ray Stevens
Carl Ray Stevens was:
Rolland Bastien
Red Bastien
Rolland Bastien was:
William Alfred Robinson
Billy Robinson
William Alfred Robinson was:
Mike Mizanin
The Miz
Mike Mizanin was:
John Hennigan
John Morrison
John Hennigan was:
Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio
Rey Mysterio
Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio was:
Jacques Rougeau
Jacques Rougeau was:
Raymond Rougeau
Raymond Rougeau was:
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