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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Toby Tyler

Toby Tyler

Release Date: 1960-01-01 (61 years ago)
Kevin Corcoran
Toby Tyler
Kevin Corcoran was:
Bob Sweeney
Harry Tupper
Bob Sweeney was:
Henry Calvin
Ben Cotter
Henry Calvin was:
Gene Sheldon
Sam Treat
Gene Sheldon was:
Richard Eastham
Colonel Sam Castle
Richard Eastham was:
James Drury
Jim Weaver
James Drury was:
Barbara Beaird
Mademoiselle Jeanette
Barbara Beaird was:
Dennis Olivieri
Monsieur Ajax
Dennis Olivieri was:
Edith Evanson
Aunt Olive
Edith Evanson was:
Tom Fadden
Uncle Daniel
Tom Fadden was:
Oliver Wallace
Oliver Wallace was:
The Marquis Chimps
The Marquis Family
The Marquis Chimps was:
Walter Bacon
Circus Spectator
Walter Bacon was:
Alex Ball
Circus Spectator
Alex Ball was:
Brandon Beach
Circus Spectator
Brandon Beach was:
Arline Bletcher
Circus Spectator
Arline Bletcher was:
Paul Bradley
Parade Onlooker
Paul Bradley was:
Chet Brandenburg
Circus Worker
Chet Brandenburg was:
William Challee
William Challee was:
Dick Cherney
Circus Spectator
Dick Cherney was:
Noble Chissell
Noble Chissell was:
John Cliff
John Cliff was:
James Dietrich
Worker Playing Calliope
James Dietrich was:
Ken DuMain
Circus Spectator
Ken DuMain was:
'Eddie Spaghetti' Emerson
Ringling Brothers Clown
'Eddie Spaghetti' Emerson was:
Ben Frommer
Circus Spectator
Ben Frommer was:
Abe Goldstein
Ringling Brothers Clown
Abe Goldstein was:
Babs Graham
Babs Graham was:
Del Graham
Del Graham was:
Carol Henry
Carol Henry was:
Duke Johnson
Ringling Brothers Clown
Duke Johnson was:
Harry C. Johnson
Ringling Brothers Clown
Harry C. Johnson was:
Kenner G. Kemp
Parade Onlooker
Kenner G. Kemp was:
Jess Kirkpatrick
Jess Kirkpatrick was:
Dave Knupp
Dave Knupp was:
Bob LaWandt
Circus Spectator
Bob LaWandt was:
Perk Lazelle
Circus Spectator
Perk Lazelle was:
Ruth Lee
Wife - Circus Spectator
Ruth Lee was:
Herbert Lytton
Herbert Lytton was:
James MacDonald
James MacDonald was:
Thomas Martin
Circus Spectator
Thomas Martin was:
Kermit Maynard
Kermit Maynard was:
Michael McGreevey
Concession Worker
Michael McGreevey was:
William Meader
Parade Onlooker
William Meader was:
Howard Negley
Howard Negley was:
William Newell
William Newell was:
William H. O'Brien
Circus Spectator
William H. O'Brien was:
Anthony Redondo
Circus Spectator
Anthony Redondo was:
Al Roberts
Circus Spectator
Al Roberts was:
Henry Rowland
Circus Cook
Henry Rowland was:
Phil Schumacher
Phil Schumacher was:
Barry Seltzer
Undetermined Secondary Role
Barry Seltzer was:
Robert Shayne
Husband - Circus Spectator
Robert Shayne was:
Olan Soule
Circus Spectator Obstructed by Toby
Olan Soule was:
Charles Sullivan
Charles Sullivan was:
Guy Wilkerson
Guy Wilkerson was:
Sam Harris
Circus Spectator
Sam Harris was:
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