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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

This Woman Is Dangerous

This Woman Is Dangerous

Release Date: 1952-02-09 (69 years ago)
Joan Crawford
Elizabeth Austin
Joan Crawford was:
Dennis Morgan
Dr. Ben Halleck
Dennis Morgan was:
David Brian
Matt Jackson
David Brian was:
Richard Webb
James A. Franklin
Richard Webb was:
Mari Aldon
Ann Jackson
Mari Aldon was:
Philip Carey
Will Jackson
Philip Carey was:
Ian MacDonald
Joe Crossland
Ian MacDonald was:
Katherine Warren
Mrs. Millican
Katherine Warren was:
Sherry Jackson
Susan Halleck (Uncredited)
Sherry Jackson was:
Harry Tyler
Harry Tyler was:
George Chandler
Dr. Bill Ryan (Uncredited)
George Chandler was:
Kenneth Patterson
Dr. Louis Nesburn (Uncredited)
Kenneth Patterson was:
Douglas Fowley
Saunders (Uncredited)
Douglas Fowley was:
Gladys Blake
Maggie (Uncredited)
Gladys Blake was:
William Challee
Ned Shaw (Uncredited)
William Challee was:
Richard Bartell
Waiter (Uncredited)
Richard Bartell was:
Dee Carroll
Telephone Operator (Uncredited)
Dee Carroll was:
Jean Carry
Nurse Technician (Uncredited)
Jean Carry was:
Jack Chefe
Croupier (Uncredited)
Jack Chefe was:
James Conaty
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
James Conaty was:
Oliver Cross
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Oliver Cross was:
Ann Faber
Mrs. Shaw
Ann Faber was:
Franklyn Farnum
Assistant Gambling House Cashier (Uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum was:
Tommy Farrell
Bellhop (Uncredited)
Tommy Farrell was:
Sam Finn
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Sam Finn was:
Kenneth Gibson
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Kenneth Gibson was:
Fred Graham
Highway Patrolman (Uncredited)
Fred Graham was:
Karen Hale
Nurse (Uncredited)
Karen Hale was:
Stuart Hall
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Stuart Hall was:
Sam Harris
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Sam Harris was:
Mary Alan Hokanson
Prison Doctor (Uncredited)
Mary Alan Hokanson was:
Harry Lauter
Trooper (Uncredited)
Harry Lauter was:
William Meader
Milt (Uncredited)
William Meader was:
Art Millan
Mason (Uncredited)
Art Millan was:
Harold Miller
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Harold Miller was:
Ralph Montgomery
Interne (Uncredited)
Ralph Montgomery was:
John Pedrini
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
John Pedrini was:
Stuart Randall
Detective McGill (Uncredited)
Stuart Randall was:
Fred Rapport
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Fred Rapport was:
Joe E. Ross
Assistant Manager (Uncredited)
Joe E. Ross was:
Cosmo Sardo
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Cosmo Sardo was:
Jeffrey Sayre
Casino Employee (Uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre was:
Charles Sherlock
Club Cashier (Uncredited)
Charles Sherlock was:
Norman Stevans
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Norman Stevans was:
Bert Stevens
Gambling House Patron (Uncredited)
Bert Stevens was:
Eileen Stevens
Ruby (Uncredited)
Eileen Stevens was:
Harry Strang
Taxi Driver / Officer O'Brien (Uncredited)
Harry Strang was:
Charles Sullivan
Clinic Parking Garage Attendant (Uncredited)
Charles Sullivan was:
Hal Taggart
Dr. Halleck's Patient (Uncredited)
Hal Taggart was:
Lonnie Thomas
Injured Boy (Uncredited)
Lonnie Thomas was:
Harry Tyler
Mike, Florist (Uncredited)
Harry Tyler was:
Cecil Weston
Prison Matron (Uncredited)
Cecil Weston was:
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