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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

...One Third of a Nation...

...One Third of a Nation...

Release Date: 1939-02-10 (82 years ago)
Sylvia Sidney
Mary Rogers
Sylvia Sidney was:
Leif Erickson
Peter Cortlant
Leif Erickson was:
Sidney Lumet
Joey Rogers
Sidney Lumet was:
Charles Dingle
Mr. Rogers
Charles Dingle was:
Myron McCormick
Sam Moon
Myron McCormick was:
Iris Adrian
Iris Adrian was:
Hiram Sherman
Donald Hinchley
Hiram Sherman was:
Muriel Hutchison
Ethel Cortlant
Muriel Hutchison was:
Percy Waram
Arthur Mather
Percy Waram was:
Otto Hulett
Assistant District Attorney
Otto Hulett was:
Horace Sinclair
John - Butler
Horace Sinclair was:
Edmonia Nolley
Mrs. Rogers
Edmonia Nolley was:
Hugh Cameron
Mr. Cassidy
Hugh Cameron was:
Julia Fassett
Mrs. Cassidy
Julia Fassett was:
Baruch Lumet
Mr. Rosen
Baruch Lumet was:
Byron Russell
Insp. Castle
Byron Russell was:
Robert George
Building Inspector
Robert George was:
Wayne Nunn
Insp. Waller
Wayne Nunn was:
Max Hirsch
Mr. Cohen (1870)
Max Hirsch was:
Miriam Goldina
Mrs. Cohen (1870)
Miriam Goldina was:
Bea Hendricks
Bea Hendricks was:
William Pote
William Pote was:
William Challee
William Challee was:
Jeff Corey
Man in Crowd at Fir
Jeff Corey was:
George Lessey
George Lessey was:
Stan Harper
Harmonica Band Player
Stan Harper was:
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