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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Leute mit Flügeln

Leute mit Flügeln

Release Date: 1960-08-24 (60 years ago)
Erwin Geschonneck
Erwin Geschonneck was:
Wilhelm Koch-Hooge
Dr. Lampert
Wilhelm Koch-Hooge was:
Hilmar Thate
Hilmar Thate was:
Franz Kutschera
Dr. Dehringer
Franz Kutschera was:
Rosita Fernandez
Rosita Fernandez was:
Otto Dierichs
Dr. Klinger
Otto Dierichs was:
Fred Mahr
Fred Mahr was:
Mathilde Danegger
Mutter Friedrich
Mathilde Danegger was:
Brigitte Krause
Betty Bartuscheck
Brigitte Krause was:
Friedrich Teitge
Friedrich Teitge was:
Sabine Thalbach
Sabine Thalbach was:
Erik S. Klein
Erik S. Klein was:
Albert Hetterle
Albert Hetterle was:
Gert Andreae
Gert Andreae was:
Jochen Diestelmann
Jochen Diestelmann was:
Hannjo Hasse
Hannjo Hasse was:
Dietrich Körner
Dietrich Körner was:
Manfred Krug
Manfred Krug was:
Willi Neuenhahn
Willi Neuenhahn was:
Gerhard Vogt
Gerhard Vogt was:
Otto Krone
Otto Krone was:
Horst Koch
Horst Koch was:
Doris Thalmer
Doris Thalmer was:
William Gade
William Gade was:
Erich Brauer
Erich Brauer was:
Wilhelm Burmeier
Wilhelm Burmeier was:
Norbert Christian
Norbert Christian was:
Hans Flössel
Hans Flössel was:
Paul Funk
Paul Funk was:
Wolfgang Kalweit
Wolfgang Kalweit was:
Else Korén
Else Korén was:
Hans Ulrich Laufer
Hans Ulrich Laufer was:
Betty Loewen
Betty Loewen was:
Frank Michelis
Frank Michelis was:
Werner Senftleben
Werner Senftleben was:
Karl-Heinz Weiss
Karl-Heinz Weiss was:
Albert Zahn
Albert Zahn was:
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