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Poster of Russkies


Release Date: Friday, November 6 1987 (35 years ago)
Portrait of Joaquin PhoenixJoaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix was:
Portrait of Peter BillingsleyPeter Billingsley
Peter Billingsley was:
Portrait of Whip HubleyWhip Hubley
Whip Hubley was:
Portrait of Stefan DeSalleStefan DeSalle
Stefan DeSalle was:
Portrait of Summer PhoenixSummer Phoenix
Summer Phoenix was:
Portrait of Susan WaltersSusan Walters
Susan Walters was:
Portrait of Patrick KilpatrickPatrick Kilpatrick
Patrick Kilpatrick was:
Portrait of Vic PolizosVic Polizos
Vic Polizos was:
Portrait of Charles FrankCharles Frank
Mr. V.
Charles Frank was:
Portrait of Susan BlanchardSusan Blanchard
Mrs. V.
Susan Blanchard was:
Portrait of Benjamin HendricksonBenjamin Hendrickson
Sgt. Kovac
Benjamin Hendrickson was:
Portrait of Carole KingCarole King
Mrs. Kovac
Carole King was:
Portrait of Vojislav GovedaricaVojislav Govedarica
Vojislav Govedarica was:
Portrait of Al WhiteAl White
Captain Foley
Al White was:
Portrait of Patrick MicklerPatrick Mickler
Patrick Mickler was:
Portrait of Leo RossiLeo Rossi
Leo Rossi was:
Portrait of Gene SchererGene Scherer
Trawler Captain
Gene Scherer was:
Portrait of Nancy StephensNancy Stephens
Nancy Stephens was:
Portrait of W. Paul BodieW. Paul Bodie
W. Paul Bodie was:
Portrait of Ed BradleyEd Bradley
Ed Bradley was:
Portrait of Shelby GregoryShelby Gregory
Harbor Patrolman
Shelby Gregory was:
Portrait of Peter HyszczakPeter Hyszczak
Russian Submarine Captain
Peter Hyszczak was:
Portrait of Stefen LaurantzStefen Laurantz
Russian Trawler Sailor
Stefen Laurantz was:
Portrait of Armando LodigianiArmando Lodigiani
Armando Lodigiani was:
Portrait of Walter RoblesWalter Robles
Walter Robles was:
Portrait of Jon SavitchJon Savitch
Sgt. Slammer
Jon Savitch was:
Portrait of Paul WinickPaul Winick
Russian Trawler Officer #1
Paul Winick was:
Portrait of Josi K. WaksmanJosi K. Waksman
Russian Trawler Officer #2
Josi K. Waksman was:
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