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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Trail of the Pink Panther

Trail of the Pink Panther

Release Date: Friday, December 3 1982 (40 years ago)
Portrait of David NivenDavid Niven
Sir Charles Litton
David Niven was:
Portrait of Herbert LomHerbert Lom
Chef Inspektor Charles Dreyfus
Herbert Lom was:
Portrait of Richard MulliganRichard Mulligan
Clouseau's Father
Richard Mulligan was:
Portrait of Joanna LumleyJoanna Lumley
Marie Jouvet
Joanna Lumley was:
Portrait of CapucineCapucine
Lady Simone Litton
Capucine was:
Portrait of Robert LoggiaRobert Loggia
Bruno Langois
Robert Loggia was:
Portrait of Burt KwoukBurt Kwouk
Cato Fong
Burt Kwouk was:
Portrait of Harvey KormanHarvey Korman
Prof. Auguste Balls
Harvey Korman was:
Portrait of Leonard RossiterLeonard Rossiter
Superintendant Quinlan
Leonard Rossiter was:
Portrait of Ronald FraserRonald Fraser
Dr. Longet
Ronald Fraser was:
Portrait of William HootkinsWilliam Hootkins
Taxi Driver
William Hootkins was:
Portrait of Julie AndrewsJulie Andrews
Julie Andrews was:
Portrait of Graham StarkGraham Stark
Hercule Lajoy
Graham Stark was:
Portrait of Peter ArnePeter Arne
Col. Bufoni
Peter Arne was:
Portrait of André MaranneAndré Maranne
Sergeant François Duval
André Maranne was:
Portrait of Marne MaitlandMarne Maitland
Deputy Commissioner Lasorde
Marne Maitland was:
Portrait of Harold KasketHarold Kasket
President Sandover Haleesh
Harold Kasket was:
Portrait of Peter SellersPeter Sellers
Chief Insp. Jacques Clouseau (archive footage)
Peter Sellers was:
Portrait of Liz SmithLiz Smith
Martha Balls (archive footage)
Liz Smith was:
Portrait of Danny SchillerDanny Schiller
Cunny (archive footage)
Danny Schiller was:
Portrait of Denise CrosbyDenise Crosby
Denise, Bruno's moll
Denise Crosby was:
Portrait of Kathleen St JohnKathleen St John
Kathleen St John was:
Portrait of Harold BerensHarold Berens
Hotel Clerk
Harold Berens was:
Portrait of Daniel PeacockDaniel Peacock
Clouseau, age 18
Daniel Peacock was:
Portrait of Lucca MezzofantiLucca Mezzofanti
Clouseau, age 8
Lucca Mezzofanti was:
Portrait of Madlena NedevaMadlena Nedeva
Mme. Dreyfuss
Madlena Nedeva was:
Portrait of Arthur HowardArthur Howard
Arthur, Bruno's butler
Arthur Howard was:
Portrait of Weston GavinWeston Gavin
1st Mafia Boss
Weston Gavin was:
Portrait of Marc SmithMarc Smith
2nd Mafia Boss
Marc Smith was:
Portrait of John CassadyJohn Cassady
3rd Mafia Boss
John Cassady was:
Portrait of Gary WhelanGary Whelan
4th Mafia Boss
Gary Whelan was:
Portrait of Joe PramlJoe Praml
5th Mafia Boss
Joe Praml was:
Portrait of Christopher ReichChristopher Reich
Gino Rossi
Christopher Reich was:
Portrait of Robert RiettiRobert Rietti
Various roles (voice)
Robert Rietti was:
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