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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Golden Gate

Golden Gate

Release Date: Friday, September 25 1981 (41 years ago)
Portrait of Perry KingPerry King
Jordan Kingsley
Perry King was:
Portrait of Jean SimmonsJean Simmons
Jane Kingsley
Jean Simmons was:
Portrait of Richard KileyRichard Kiley
Thomas J. Kingsley
Richard Kiley was:
Portrait of Robyn DouglassRobyn Douglass
Candy Martin
Robyn Douglass was:
Portrait of Mary CrosbyMary Crosby
Natalie Kingsley
Mary Crosby was:
Portrait of John SaxonJohn Saxon
Monty Sager
John Saxon was:
Portrait of Melanie GriffithMelanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith was:
Portrait of Cheryl ParisCheryl Paris
Claire McCartney
Cheryl Paris was:
Portrait of Margaret BlyeMargaret Blye
Bess McCartney
Margaret Blye was:
Portrait of Tim ThomersonTim Thomerson
Frank Nightingale
Tim Thomerson was:
Portrait of Peter DonatPeter Donat
Richard Bryne
Peter Donat was:
Portrait of Eric CoplinEric Coplin
Johnny Kingsley
Eric Coplin was:
Portrait of Jason EversJason Evers
Harry Stillwell
Jason Evers was:
Portrait of Scott DevenneyScott Devenney
Scott Devenney was:
Portrait of Russ MarinRuss Marin
Russ Marin was:
Portrait of Jordan WendkosJordan Wendkos
Jordan Wendkos was:
Portrait of Weston GavinWeston Gavin
Weston Gavin was:
Portrait of Robert PicardoRobert Picardo
Robert Picardo was:
Portrait of Robert RockwellRobert Rockwell
Robert Rockwell was:
Portrait of Lynn Philip SeibelLynn Philip Seibel
Lynn Philip Seibel was:
Portrait of Don KeeferDon Keefer
Don Keefer was:
Portrait of Archie LangArchie Lang
Archie Lang was:
Portrait of Warren MunsonWarren Munson
Warren Munson was:
Portrait of Buck YoungBuck Young
Buck Young was:
Portrait of David J. BowmanDavid J. Bowman
David J. Bowman was:
Portrait of Kathleen CoyneKathleen Coyne
Kathleen Coyne was:
Portrait of Robert MoloneyRobert Moloney
Robert Moloney was:
Portrait of Augie TribachAugie Tribach
Augie Tribach was:
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