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Poster of 1,000 Shapes of a Female

1,000 Shapes of a Female

Release Date: Friday, October 18 1963 (59 years ago)
Portrait of Sande N. JohnsenSande N. Johnsen
Sande N. Johnsen was:
Portrait of Byron MabeByron Mabe
Byron Mabe was:
Portrait of Audrey CampbellAudrey Campbell
Audrey Campbell was:
Portrait of Darlene BennettDarlene Bennett
Dismissed Model
Darlene Bennett was:
Portrait of Linda BennettLinda Bennett
Cafe Patron
Linda Bennett was:
Portrait of Bob BensenBob Bensen
Bob Bensen was:
Portrait of Irene CharlesIrene Charles
Irene Charles was:
Portrait of Daniel CraigDaniel Craig
Daniel Craig was:
Portrait of Doris DaneDoris Dane
Doris Dane was:
Portrait of Patricia DarlingPatricia Darling
Patricia Darling was:
Portrait of Monica DavisMonica Davis
Monica Davis was:
Portrait of Jane DayJane Day
Jane Day was:
Portrait of Davee DeckerDavee Decker
Davee Decker was:
Portrait of Marty DevineMarty Devine
Marty Devine was:
Portrait of Alicia DouglasAlicia Douglas
Alicia Douglas was:
Portrait of Weston GavinWeston Gavin
Weston Gavin was:
Portrait of Faith GilbertFaith Gilbert
Faith Gilbert was:
Portrait of Priscilla HadleyPriscilla Hadley
Priscilla Hadley was:
Portrait of Kimberly HarrisKimberly Harris
Kimberly Harris was:
Portrait of Christine KingsleyChristine Kingsley
Christine Kingsley was:
Portrait of Vernon MarshVernon Marsh
Vernon Marsh was:
Portrait of Nell MurrayNell Murray
Nell Murray was:
Portrait of Joey NaudicJoey Naudic
Joey Naudic was:
Portrait of Rosebud O'TooleRosebud O'Toole
Rosebud O'Toole was:
Portrait of Al RubanAl Ruban
Al Ruban was:
Portrait of Andrea SinclairAndrea Sinclair
Andrea Sinclair was:
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