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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Holy Cross

Holy Cross

Release Date: 2003-10-10 (17 years ago)
Bronagh Gallagher
Sarah Norton
Bronagh Gallagher was:
Brendan Mackey
Brendan Mackey was:
Zara Turner
Ann McClure
Zara Turner was:
Louise Doran
Karen Norton
Louise Doran was:
Andrew Foott-Stephens
Andrew Foott-Stephens was:
Colum Convey
Gerry McClure
Colum Convey was:
Emma Whyte
Siobhan McClure
Emma Whyte was:
Patrick O'Kane
Peter Norton
Patrick O'Kane was:
Cara Kelly
Cara Kelly was:
Emma Aiken
Emma Aiken was:
Lauren McDonald
Aoife McClure
Lauren McDonald was:
Henry Deazley
Tony McClure
Henry Deazley was:
Richard Dormer
Richard Dormer was:
Stella McCusker
Mrs Tanney
Stella McCusker was:
Amy Peden
Holy Cross Girl
Amy Peden was:
George Shane
George Shane was:
Fergal McElherron
Fergal McElherron was:
Francis Magee
Flag Man
Francis Magee was:
Packy Lee
Flag Man
Packy Lee was:
Mark McCavanagh
Flag Man
Mark McCavanagh was:
Colin Stewart
White Car Man
Colin Stewart was:
Wendy Paul
Wendy Paul was:
Abbie Spallen
Abbie Spallen was:
Kieran Creggan
Kieran Creggan was:
Michael Liebmann
Michael Liebmann was:
Maclean Stewart
Maclean Stewart was:
Aoife McMahon
Aoife McMahon was:
Glen Wallace
Riot Cop
Glen Wallace was:
Norman Murray
Riot Cop
Norman Murray was:
Colin Murphy
Colin Murphy was:
James Doran
James Doran was:
Paula McFetridge
Paula McFetridge was:
Amanda Hurwitz
Glenbyrn Resident
Amanda Hurwitz was:
Dick Holland
Glenbyrn Resident
Dick Holland was:
Alexandra Ford
Ardoyne Resident
Alexandra Ford was:
Sheelagh O'Kane
Sheelagh O'Kane was:
Judy Vause
TV Reporter
Judy Vause was:
Rohan Siva
TV Reporter
Rohan Siva was:
Emma McNeill
Glenbyrn Protester
Emma McNeill was:
Katie Tumelty
Holy Cross Mother
Katie Tumelty was:
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