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The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Release Date: 1974-11-01 (46 years ago)
Bruno S.
Kaspar Hauser
Bruno S. was:
Walter Ladengast
Professor Daumer
Walter Ladengast was:
Brigitte Mira
Haushälterin Käthe
Brigitte Mira was:
Willy Semmelrogge
Willy Semmelrogge was:
Kidlat Tahimik
Hombrecito, the Indian
Kidlat Tahimik was:
Hans Musäus
Unknown Man
Hans Musäus was:
Michael Kroecher
Lord Stanhope
Michael Kroecher was:
Henry van Lyck
Calvary Captain
Henry van Lyck was:
Enno Patalas
Pastor Fuhrmann
Enno Patalas was:
Volker Elis Pilgrim
Pastor #2
Volker Elis Pilgrim was:
Volker Prechtel
Hiltel, the prison guard
Volker Prechtel was:
Gloria Doer
Frau Hiltel
Gloria Doer was:
Helmut Döring
Little King
Helmut Döring was:
Andi Gottwald
young Mozart
Andi Gottwald was:
Herbert Achternbusch
country boy #1
Herbert Achternbusch was:
Wolfgang Bauer
country boy #2
Wolfgang Bauer was:
Walter Steiner
country boy #3
Walter Steiner was:
Clemens Scheitz
Clemens Scheitz was:
Johannes Buzalski
Police Officer
Johannes Buzalski was:
Willy Meyer-Fürst
Willy Meyer-Fürst was:
Florian Fricke
Florian Fricke was:
Alfred Edel
Logic Professor
Alfred Edel was:
Franz Brumbach
bear showman
Franz Brumbach was:
Herbert Fritsch
Herbert Fritsch was:
Wilhelm Bayer
employee of the captain
Wilhelm Bayer was:
Peter Gebhart
man who finds Kaspar
Peter Gebhart was:
Otto Heinzle
old priest
Otto Heinzle was:
Dorothea Kraft
little girl
Dorothea Kraft was:
Dr. Walter Pflaum
Doctor #2
Dr. Walter Pflaum was:
Dr. Heinz Niemöller
Doctor #3
Dr. Heinz Niemöller was:
Peter-Udo Schönborn
Peter-Udo Schönborn was:
Markus Weller
Markus Weller was:
Reinhard Hauff
Bauer - role was cut
Reinhard Hauff was:
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