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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Dr. Dolittle 3

Dr. Dolittle 3

Release Date: Tuesday, April 25 2006 (16 years ago)
Portrait of Kyla PrattKyla Pratt
Maya Dolittle
Kyla Pratt was:
Portrait of Kristen WilsonKristen Wilson
Lisa Dolittle
Kristen Wilson was:
Portrait of Walker HowardWalker Howard
Bo Jones
Walker Howard was:
Portrait of John AmosJohn Amos
John Amos was:
Portrait of Luciana CarroLuciana Carro
Brooklyn Webster
Luciana Carro was:
Portrait of Tommy SniderTommy Snider
Tommy Snider was:
Portrait of Calum WorthyCalum Worthy
Calum Worthy was:
Portrait of Ryan McDonellRyan McDonell
Ryan McDonell was:
Portrait of Chenier HundalChenier Hundal
Chenier Hundal was:
Portrait of Tara WilsonTara Wilson
Tara Wilson was:
Portrait of John NovakJohn Novak
John Novak was:
Portrait of Chelan SimmonsChelan Simmons
Chelan Simmons was:
Portrait of Ecstasia SandersEcstasia Sanders
Ecstasia Sanders was:
Portrait of O'RyanO'Ryan
O'Ryan was:
Portrait of James KirkJames Kirk
James Kirk was:
Portrait of Derek AndersonDerek Anderson
Derek Anderson was:
Portrait of Neil SchellNeil Schell
Mr. Davis
Neil Schell was:
Portrait of Beverley BreuerBeverley Breuer
Mrs. Taylor
Beverley Breuer was:
Portrait of Christine LippaChristine Lippa
Woman with dog
Christine Lippa was:
Portrait of Gary JonesGary Jones
Gary Jones was:
Portrait of Carly McKillipCarly McKillip
Tammy's Friend
Carly McKillip was:
Portrait of Justin ThorneJustin Thorne
Party Kid #1
Justin Thorne was:
Portrait of Emily TennantEmily Tennant
Party Kid #2
Emily Tennant was:
Portrait of Alistair AbellAlistair Abell
Honkey Tonk Announcer
Alistair Abell was:
Portrait of Peter KelamisPeter Kelamis
Rodeo Announcer
Peter Kelamis was:
Portrait of Louis ChirilloLouis Chirillo
Bus Driver
Louis Chirillo was:
Portrait of Phil ProctorPhil Proctor
Stray Dog / Drunk Monkey (voice)
Phil Proctor was:
Portrait of Mark MoseleyMark Moseley
Harry the Hawk / Silver the Horse / Patches the Horse / Rodeo Longthorns / Ranch Steer (voice)
Mark Moseley was:
Portrait of Chris EdgerlyChris Edgerly
LP the Horse / Pig / Diamond the Horse / Rattlesnake (voice)
Chris Edgerly was:
Portrait of Paulo CostanzoPaulo Costanzo
Cogburn the Rooster (voice)
Paulo Costanzo was:
Portrait of Maggie WheelerMaggie Wheeler
Brown Hen / Fluffy Hen (voice)
Maggie Wheeler was:
Portrait of Vanessa MarshallVanessa Marshall
White Hen / Tan Hen (voice)
Vanessa Marshall was:
Portrait of Susan SiloSusan Silo
Mary the Goat (voice)
Susan Silo was:
Portrait of Melanie ChartoffMelanie Chartoff
Black & White Hen (voice)
Melanie Chartoff was:
Portrait of Jenna von OyJenna von Oy
Gracie (voice)
Jenna von Oy was:
Portrait of Gary BuseyGary Busey
Butch (voice)
Gary Busey was:
Portrait of Danny BonaduceDanny Bonaduce
Ranch Steer (voice)
Danny Bonaduce was:
Portrait of Eli GabayEli Gabay
Rodeo Steer / Rodeo Bull (voice)
Eli Gabay was:
Portrait of Darcy DonavanDarcy Donavan
Brown Hen / White Hen (voice)
Darcy Donavan was:
Portrait of Jeff WillmsJeff Willms
Crowd member at rodeo (uncredited)
Jeff Willms was:
Portrait of Porscha ColemanPorscha Coleman
(singing voice) (uncredited)
Porscha Coleman was:
Portrait of Cheryl FowleCheryl Fowle
Crowd Member at Rodeo (uncredited)
Cheryl Fowle was:
Portrait of Chantal HuntChantal Hunt
Dancer (uncredited)
Chantal Hunt was:
Portrait of Norm MacdonaldNorm Macdonald
Lucky (voice) (uncredited)
Norm Macdonald was:
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