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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Earth to Echo

Earth to Echo

Release Date: Saturday, June 14 2014 (8 years ago)
Portrait of Teo HalmTeo Halm
Teo Halm was:
Portrait of AstroAstro
Astro was:
Portrait of Reese HartwigReese Hartwig
Reese Hartwig was:
Portrait of Ella WahlestedtElla Wahlestedt
Ella Wahlestedt was:
Portrait of Jason Gray-StanfordJason Gray-Stanford
Dr. Lawrence Madsen
Jason Gray-Stanford was:
Portrait of Algee SmithAlgee Smith
Marcus Simms
Algee Smith was:
Portrait of Arthur DarbinyanArthur Darbinyan
Pawn Shop Owner
Arthur Darbinyan was:
Portrait of Frank LloydFrank Lloyd
Bar Patron #3
Frank Lloyd was:
Portrait of Cassius M. WillisCassius M. Willis
Cassius M. Willis was:
Portrait of Sonya LeslieSonya Leslie
Theresa Simms
Sonya Leslie was:
Portrait of Kerry O'MalleyKerry O'Malley
Janice Douglas
Kerry O'Malley was:
Portrait of Virginia Louise SmithVirginia Louise Smith
Betty Barrett
Virginia Louise Smith was:
Portrait of Peter MacKenziePeter MacKenzie
James Hastings
Peter MacKenzie was:
Portrait of Valerie WildmanValerie Wildman
Christine Hastings
Valerie Wildman was:
Portrait of Roger HewlettRoger Hewlett
Construction Worker #2
Roger Hewlett was:
Portrait of Mary Pat GleasonMary Pat Gleason
Dusty - Mullet Lady at Bar
Mary Pat Gleason was:
Portrait of Marilyn GiacomazziMarilyn Giacomazzi
Bar Patron #2
Marilyn Giacomazzi was:
Portrait of Brooke DillmanBrooke Dillman
Diner Waitress
Brooke Dillman was:
Portrait of Myk WatfordMyk Watford
Blake Douglas
Myk Watford was:
Portrait of Tiffany EspensenTiffany Espensen
Charlie - School Friend #1
Tiffany Espensen was:
Portrait of Israel BroussardIsrael Broussard
Israel Broussard was:
Portrait of Drake KemperDrake Kemper
Drake Kemper was:
Portrait of Sara ArringtonSara Arrington
Munch's Mother's Friend
Sara Arrington was:
Portrait of Michael Lee MerrinsMichael Lee Merrins
Truck Driver
Michael Lee Merrins was:
Portrait of Sean CarrollSean Carroll
Podcast Voice (voice)
Sean Carroll was:
Portrait of Chris WyldeChris Wylde
Security Agent
Chris Wylde was:
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