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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Hustler of Muscle Beach

The Hustler of Muscle Beach

Release Date: 1980-05-16 (42 years ago)
Portrait of Joe SantosJoe Santos
Barry Layton
Joe Santos was:
Portrait of Kay LenzKay Lenz
Jenny O'Rourke
Kay Lenz was:
Portrait of Jeanette NolanJeanette Nolan
Rose MacIntosh
Jeanette Nolan was:
Portrait of Jack CarterJack Carter
Jack Carter was:
Portrait of Veronica HamelVeronica Hamel
Sheila Dodge
Veronica Hamel was:
Portrait of Kenneth McMillanKenneth McMillan
Joseph Demec
Kenneth McMillan was:
Portrait of Franco ColumbuFranco Columbu
Franco Columbu was:
Portrait of Frank ZaneFrank Zane
Frank Zane was:
Portrait of Tim KimberTim Kimber
Todd Nash
Tim Kimber was:
Portrait of Bobby VanBobby Van
Bobby Van was:
Portrait of Sam LawsSam Laws
Sam Laws was:
Portrait of Steve DavisSteve Davis
Ken Rock
Steve Davis was:
Portrait of Richard HatchRichard Hatch
Nick Demec
Richard Hatch was:
Portrait of Paul BartelPaul Bartel
Paul Bartel was:
Portrait of Tom PlatzTom Platz
Tom Platz was:
Portrait of James HongJames Hong
Desk Clerk
James Hong was:
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