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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Ski Lift to Death

Ski Lift to Death

Release Date: 1978-03-03 (44 years ago)
Portrait of Deborah RaffinDeborah Raffin
Lee Larson
Deborah Raffin was:
Portrait of Charles FrankCharles Frank
Dick Elston
Charles Frank was:
Portrait of Don GallowayDon Galloway
Ron Corley
Don Galloway was:
Portrait of Gail StricklandGail Strickland
Vicki Gordon
Gail Strickland was:
Portrait of Don JohnsonDon Johnson
Mike Sloan
Don Johnson was:
Portrait of Veronica HamelVeronica Hamel
Andrea Mason
Veronica Hamel was:
Portrait of Howard DuffHoward Duff
Ben Forbes
Howard Duff was:
Portrait of Clu GulagerClu Gulager
Marv Gilman
Clu Gulager was:
Portrait of Lisa ReevesLisa Reeves
Lisa Reeves was:
Portrait of Pierre JalbertPierre Jalbert
Pierre Jalbert was:
Portrait of Suzy ChaffeeSuzy Chaffee
Suzy Chaffee was:
Portrait of Walter MarshWalter Marsh
Joe Larson
Walter Marsh was:
Portrait of Jim RobertsJim Roberts
Jim Roberts was:
Portrait of Graham McPhersonGraham McPherson
John Forbes
Graham McPherson was:
Portrait of Don MacKayDon MacKay
Don MacKay was:
Portrait of Bruce MacLeodBruce MacLeod
Bruce MacLeod was:
Portrait of Steve OrchinSteve Orchin
Steve Orchin was:
Portrait of Murray OrdMurray Ord
Don Harwell
Murray Ord was:
Portrait of Darlene BradleyDarlene Bradley
Manufacturer's Rep
Darlene Bradley was:
Portrait of Trevor HaydenTrevor Hayden
Trevor Hayden was:
Portrait of Glenn BeckGlenn Beck
Dr. Norvel
Glenn Beck was:
Portrait of Tony WhiteTony White
Country Singer
Tony White was:
Portrait of Jim LoveJim Love
Disgruntled Skier
Jim Love was:
Portrait of Jack OlsenJack Olsen
Ski Patroller
Jack Olsen was:
Portrait of Leni PearLeni Pear
Leni Pear was:
Portrait of Kathy WetherellKathy Wetherell
Teenage Girl #1
Kathy Wetherell was:
Portrait of Jackie VernerJackie Verner
Teenage Girl #2
Jackie Verner was:
Portrait of Kendal HunterKendal Hunter
Girl at Church
Kendal Hunter was:
Portrait of Rick WoodRick Wood
Rick Wood was:
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