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Release Date: 1983-09-26 (38 years ago)
Portrait of Veronica HamelVeronica Hamel
Lee / Randy Churchill
Veronica Hamel was:
Portrait of Jeffrey DeMunnJeffrey DeMunn
Dr. Walter Hemmings
Jeffrey DeMunn was:
Portrait of Jill EikenberryJill Eikenberry
Jill Eikenberry was:
Portrait of David Marshall GrantDavid Marshall Grant
David Marshall Grant was:
Portrait of George CoeGeorge Coe
George Coe was:
Portrait of Doris BelackDoris Belack
Doris Belack was:
Portrait of Henderson ForsytheHenderson Forsythe
Henderson Forsythe was:
Portrait of Deborah HedwallDeborah Hedwall
Deborah Hedwall was:
Portrait of Jo HendersonJo Henderson
Jo Henderson was:
Portrait of Anne LangeAnne Lange
Leigh's roommate
Anne Lange was:
Portrait of Tracy PollanTracy Pollan
Tracy Pollan was:
Portrait of Heather BennaHeather Benna
Heather Benna was:
Portrait of Lenny Von DohlenLenny Von Dohlen
Lenny Von Dohlen was:
Portrait of Colgate SalsburyColgate Salsbury
Colgate Salsbury was:
Portrait of John DoolittleJohn Doolittle
Howard Lewis
John Doolittle was:
Portrait of Carrie Kei HeimCarrie Kei Heim
Carrie Kei Heim was:
Portrait of James RebhornJames Rebhorn
James Rebhorn was:
Portrait of Mart HulswitMart Hulswit
Mart Hulswit was:
Portrait of Ellen TovattEllen Tovatt
Ellen Dreyfus
Ellen Tovatt was:
Portrait of Anthony ManninoAnthony Mannino
Anthony Mannino was:
Portrait of William Duff-GriffinWilliam Duff-Griffin
William Duff-Griffin was:
Portrait of Frankie FaisonFrankie Faison
Frankie Faison was:
Portrait of William CainWilliam Cain
Crying client
William Cain was:
Portrait of Alexandra NeilAlexandra Neil
Josh's girlfriend
Alexandra Neil was:
Portrait of Vic PolizosVic Polizos
Cab driver
Vic Polizos was:
Portrait of David ThorntonDavid Thornton
David Thornton was:
Portrait of ZiskaZiska
Ziska was:
Portrait of Merwin GoldsmithMerwin Goldsmith
Merwin Goldsmith was:
Portrait of George HosmerGeorge Hosmer
George Hosmer was:
Portrait of Jimmie Ray WeeksJimmie Ray Weeks
Jimmie Ray Weeks was:
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