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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of Klute


Release Date: 1971-06-23 (50 years ago)
Portrait of Jane FondaJane Fonda
Bree Daniels
Jane Fonda was:
Portrait of Donald SutherlandDonald Sutherland
John Klute
Donald Sutherland was:
Portrait of Charles CioffiCharles Cioffi
Peter Cable
Charles Cioffi was:
Portrait of Roy ScheiderRoy Scheider
Frank Ligourin
Roy Scheider was:
Portrait of Dorothy TristanDorothy Tristan
Arlyn Page
Dorothy Tristan was:
Portrait of Rita GamRita Gam
Rita Gam was:
Portrait of Nathan GeorgeNathan George
Nathan George was:
Portrait of Vivian NathanVivian Nathan
Vivian Nathan was:
Portrait of Morris StrassbergMorris Strassberg
Goldfarb Sr.
Morris Strassberg was:
Portrait of Barry SniderBarry Snider
Barry Snider was:
Portrait of Betty MurrayBetty Murray
Holly Gruneman
Betty Murray was:
Portrait of Shirley StolerShirley Stoler
Momma Reese
Shirley Stoler was:
Portrait of Robert MilliRobert Milli
Tom Gruneman
Robert Milli was:
Portrait of Anthony HollandAnthony Holland
Actor's Agent
Anthony Holland was:
Portrait of Fred BurrellFred Burrell
Man in Hotel
Fred Burrell was:
Portrait of Richard B. ShullRichard B. Shull
Richard B. Shull was:
Portrait of Mary Louise WilsonMary Louise Wilson
Producer in Adv. Agency
Mary Louise Wilson was:
Portrait of Marc MalvinMarc Malvin
Asst. Prod. in Adv. Agency
Marc Malvin was:
Portrait of Rosalind CashRosalind Cash
Rosalind Cash was:
Portrait of Jean StapletonJean Stapleton
Strassberg's Secretary
Jean Stapleton was:
Portrait of Jan FieldingJan Fielding
Psychiatrist's Secretary
Jan Fielding was:
Portrait of Antonia ReyAntonia Rey
Mrs. Vasek
Antonia Rey was:
Portrait of Robert RonanRobert Ronan
Director in Little Theatre
Robert Ronan was:
Portrait of Richard Russell RamosRichard Russell Ramos
Asst. Dir. in Little Theatre
Richard Russell Ramos was:
Portrait of Jerome CollamoreJerome Collamore
Custodian (uncredited)
Jerome Collamore was:
Portrait of Candy DarlingCandy Darling
Discothèque Patron (uncredited)
Candy Darling was:
Portrait of Kevin DobsonKevin Dobson
Man at Bar (uncredited)
Kevin Dobson was:
Portrait of Veronica HamelVeronica Hamel
Model (uncredited)
Veronica Hamel was:
Portrait of Richard JordanRichard Jordan
Man Kissing Bree in Night Club (uncredited)
Richard Jordan was:
Portrait of Tony MajorTony Major
Bill Azure (uncredited)
Tony Major was:
Portrait of Harry ReemsHarry Reems
Discothèque Patron (uncredited)
Harry Reems was:
Portrait of Joe SilverJoe Silver
Dr. Spangler (uncredited)
Joe Silver was:
Portrait of Ellen StrettonEllen Stretton
Woman at Bar (uncredited)
Ellen Stretton was:
Portrait of Lee WallaceLee Wallace
Nate Goldfarb (uncredited)
Lee Wallace was:
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