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Poster of Cannonball


Release Date: 1976-07-06 (45 years ago)
Portrait of David CarradineDavid Carradine
Coy "Cannonball" Buckman
David Carradine was:
Portrait of Bill McKinneyBill McKinney
Cade Redman
Bill McKinney was:
Portrait of Veronica HamelVeronica Hamel
Linda Maxwell
Veronica Hamel was:
Portrait of Gerrit GrahamGerrit Graham
Perman Waters
Gerrit Graham was:
Portrait of Robert CarradineRobert Carradine
Jim Crandell
Robert Carradine was:
Portrait of Belinda BalaskiBelinda Balaski
Belinda Balaski was:
Portrait of Judy CanovaJudy Canova
Sharma Capri
Judy Canova was:
Portrait of Archie HahnArchie Hahn
Archie Hahn was:
Portrait of Carl GottliebCarl Gottlieb
Terry McMillan
Carl Gottlieb was:
Portrait of Mary WoronovMary Woronov
Sandy Harris
Mary Woronov was:
Portrait of Diane Lee HartDiane Lee Hart
Diane Lee Hart was:
Portrait of Glynn RubinGlynn Rubin
Glynn Rubin was:
Portrait of James KeachJames Keach
Wolfe Messer
James Keach was:
Portrait of Dick MillerDick Miller
Bennie Buckman
Dick Miller was:
Portrait of Stanley Bennett ClayStanley Bennett Clay
Stanley Bennett Clay was:
Portrait of David ArkinDavid Arkin
TV Producer / Anchorman
David Arkin was:
Portrait of John HerzfeldJohn Herzfeld
John Herzfeld was:
Portrait of Louisa MoritzLouisa Moritz
Louisa Moritz was:
Portrait of Patrick WrightPatrick Wright
Brad Phillips
Patrick Wright was:
Portrait of John AldermanJohn Alderman
Team Manager
John Alderman was:
Portrait of Deirdre ArdellDeirdre Ardell
Terry's Daughter
Deirdre Ardell was:
Portrait of Gretchen ArdellGretchen Ardell
Terry's Daughter
Gretchen Ardell was:
Portrait of Allan ArkushAllan Arkush
Allan Arkush was:
Portrait of Gary AustinGary Austin
Gary Austin was:
Portrait of Paul BartelPaul Bartel
Lester Marks
Paul Bartel was:
Portrait of Wendy BartelWendy Bartel
Reporter at Finish Line
Wendy Bartel was:
Portrait of Linda CivitelloLinda Civitello
Piano Teacher
Linda Civitello was:
Portrait of Jim ConnorsJim Connors
Deke Scanton
Jim Connors was:
Portrait of Roger CormanRoger Corman
District Attorney
Roger Corman was:
Portrait of Peter CornbergPeter Cornberg
Man in Blue Car
Peter Cornberg was:
Portrait of Joe DanteJoe Dante
Joe Dante was:
Portrait of Miller DrakeMiller Drake
Reporter at Finish Lane
Miller Drake was:
Portrait of Michael FinnellMichael Finnell
Helicopter Pilot
Michael Finnell was:
Portrait of Samuel W. GelfmanSamuel W. Gelfman
Dr. Magritte
Samuel W. Gelfman was:
Portrait of Paul GlicklerPaul Glickler
Arresting Officer
Paul Glickler was:
Portrait of David N. GottliebDavid N. Gottlieb
Brad Phillips' Aide
David N. Gottlieb was:
Portrait of Lea GouldLea Gould
Mrs. McMillan
Lea Gould was:
Portrait of Glenn JohnsonGlenn Johnson
Cameraman in Helicopter
Glenn Johnson was:
Portrait of Jonathan KaplanJonathan Kaplan
All-Night Gas Station Attendant
Jonathan Kaplan was:
Portrait of Aron KincaidAron Kincaid
Aron Kincaid was:
Portrait of Saul KrugmanSaul Krugman
Mr. Schulenberg
Saul Krugman was:
Portrait of James LashlyJames Lashly
Desert Gas Station Attendant
James Lashly was:
Portrait of Joseph McBrideJoseph McBride
Reporter at Finish Line
Joseph McBride was:
Portrait of Todd McCarthyTodd McCarthy
Reporter at Finish Line
Todd McCarthy was:
Portrait of Keith MichlKeith Michl
Airplane Pilot
Keith Michl was:
Portrait of Read MorganRead Morgan
Read Morgan was:
Portrait of Mary-Robin ReddMary-Robin Redd
Mrs. Schulenberg
Mary-Robin Redd was:
Portrait of Martin ScorseseMartin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese was:
Portrait of Don SimpsonDon Simpson
Assistant District Attorney
Don Simpson was:
Portrait of George WagnerGeorge Wagner
George Wagner was:
Portrait of Joe WongJoe Wong
Oriental Cop
Joe Wong was:
Portrait of Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone
Mafioso (uncredited)
Sylvester Stallone was:
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