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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of A New Life

A New Life

Release Date: 1988-03-25 (34 years ago)
Portrait of Alan AldaAlan Alda
Steve Giardino
Alan Alda was:
Portrait of Hal LindenHal Linden
Mel Arons
Hal Linden was:
Portrait of Ann-MargretAnn-Margret
Jackie Giardino
Ann-Margret was:
Portrait of Veronica HamelVeronica Hamel
Kay Hutton
Veronica Hamel was:
Portrait of John SheaJohn Shea
John Shea was:
Portrait of Mary Kay PlaceMary Kay Place
Mary Kay Place was:
Portrait of Beatrice AldaBeatrice Alda
Beatrice Alda was:
Portrait of David EisnerDavid Eisner
David Eisner was:
Portrait of Victoria SnowVictoria Snow
Victoria Snow was:
Portrait of John KozakJohn Kozak
John Kozak was:
Portrait of Alan JordanAlan Jordan
Steve's Lawyer
Alan Jordan was:
Portrait of Tim KoettingTim Koetting
Tim Koetting was:
Portrait of Catherine DisherCatherine Disher
Catherine Disher was:
Portrait of Alec MapaAlec Mapa
Alec Mapa was:
Portrait of Malcolm StewartMalcolm Stewart
Suitor #1
Malcolm Stewart was:
Portrait of Barry FlatmanBarry Flatman
Suitor #2
Barry Flatman was:
Portrait of Vince MetcalfeVince Metcalfe
Suitor #3
Vince Metcalfe was:
Portrait of Cynthia BelliveauCynthia Belliveau
Cynthia Belliveau was:
Portrait of Michèle DuquetMichèle Duquet
Michèle Duquet was:
Portrait of C. David JohnsonC. David Johnson
C. David Johnson was:
Portrait of Michael KirbyMichael Kirby
Dr. Dave Salisman
Michael Kirby was:
Portrait of Celia WestonCelia Weston
Celia Weston was:
Portrait of Paul HechtPaul Hecht
Paul Hecht was:
Portrait of Deanne DegruijterDeanne Degruijter
E.R. Nurse
Deanne Degruijter was:
Portrait of Bill IrwinBill Irwin
Bill Irwin was:
Portrait of Janet BaileyJanet Bailey
Janet Bailey was:
Portrait of Fiona ReidFiona Reid
Fiona Reid was:
Portrait of Jacqueline SamudaJacqueline Samuda
Jacqueline Samuda was:
Portrait of Stephen HunterStephen Hunter
Ultrasound Doctor
Stephen Hunter was:
Portrait of Jennifer DeanJennifer Dean
Lamaze Instructor
Jennifer Dean was:
Portrait of Mary Ann ColesMary Ann Coles
O.B. Nurse
Mary Ann Coles was:
Portrait of Eve CrawfordEve Crawford
Jackie's Lawyer
Eve Crawford was:
Portrait of John MadoniaJohn Madonia
John Madonia was:
Portrait of Ed McGibbonEd McGibbon
Ed McGibbon was:
Portrait of Lynn VogtLynn Vogt
Phil's Wife
Lynn Vogt was:
Portrait of Deborah TheakerDeborah Theaker
Deborah Theaker was:
Portrait of Barbara CruikshankBarbara Cruikshank
Barbara Cruikshank was:
Portrait of Laura DicksonLaura Dickson
Laura Dickson was:
Portrait of Steve LucescuSteve Lucescu
Doorman (uncredited)
Steve Lucescu was:
Portrait of Mark TerryMark Terry
David Diamond (uncredited)
Mark Terry was:
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