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Gole ruggenti

Gole ruggenti

Release Date: 1992-06-01 (28 years ago)
Pippo Franco
Paolo Galli
Pippo Franco was:
Pamela Prati
Alida Spada
Pamela Prati was:
Leo Gullotta
Edoardo Lasagnetta - scriptwriter
Leo Gullotta was:
Stefano Antonucci
Colasanti - the RAI executive
Stefano Antonucci was:
Gianfranco Barra
Mazza - scriptwriter
Gianfranco Barra was:
Pizza e Fichi
Martufello was:
Maurizio Mattioli
Arturo Panebianco
Maurizio Mattioli was:
Jo Squillo
Pat Rubino
Jo Squillo was:
Eleonora - Paolo's daughter
Morgana was:
Pier Maria Cecchini
De Marchis aka Marchetta
Pier Maria Cecchini was:
Manlio Dovì
Maurice - Alida's assistant
Manlio Dovì was:
Massimo Guelfi
Fred Copertone
Massimo Guelfi was:
Valeria Marini
Sabrina Marticati
Valeria Marini was:
Mita Medici
Paolo's Wife
Mita Medici was:
Alex Partexano
Alex Partexano was:
Antonello Piroso
Pezza - journalist
Antonello Piroso was:
Vincenzo Sarnelli
Vincenzo Sarnelli was:
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