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Poster of The Golden Echelon

The Golden Echelon

Release Date: Wednesday, November 4 1959 (62 years ago)
Portrait of Vasiliy ShukshinVasiliy Shukshin
Andrei Nizovtsev
Vasiliy Shukshin was:
Portrait of Yelena DobronravovaYelena Dobronravova
Yelena Dobronravova was:
Portrait of Harijs LiepiņšHarijs Liepiņš
Harijs Liepiņš was:
Portrait of Pavel UsovnichenkoPavel Usovnichenko
Pavel Usovnichenko was:
Portrait of Stepan KrylovStepan Krylov
Nikanor Ivanovich
Stepan Krylov was:
Portrait of Valentina BelyayevaValentina Belyayeva
Valentina Belyayeva was:
Portrait of Arkadi TrusovArkadi Trusov
Arkadi Trusov was:
Portrait of Syui Sao-ChzhunSyui Sao-Chzhun
Li Chan
Syui Sao-Chzhun was:
Portrait of Mikhail ZiminMikhail Zimin
Mikhail Zimin was:
Portrait of Valentin GrachevValentin Grachev
Valentin Grachev was:
Portrait of Anatoli YushkoAnatoli Yushko
Anatoli Yushko was:
Portrait of Aleksandr TolstykhAleksandr Tolstykh
Aleksandr Tolstykh was:
Portrait of Pyotr VishnyakovPyotr Vishnyakov
Pyotr Vishnyakov was:
Portrait of Viktor KoltsovViktor Koltsov
Viktor Koltsov was:
Portrait of Olga ZhiznyevaOlga Zhiznyeva
Olga Zhiznyeva was:
Portrait of Mikhail KozakovMikhail Kozakov
Mikhail Kozakov was:
Portrait of Evgeniy KuznetsovEvgeniy Kuznetsov
Evgeniy Kuznetsov was:
Portrait of Aleksandr ShatovAleksandr Shatov
Aleksandr Shatov was:
Portrait of Sergey PapovSergey Papov
Sergey Papov was:
Portrait of Galiks KolchitskiyGaliks Kolchitskiy
Galiks Kolchitskiy was:
Portrait of Aleksei KrasnopolskiyAleksei Krasnopolskiy
Aleksei Krasnopolskiy was:
Portrait of Mikhail BocharovMikhail Bocharov
chief of station
Mikhail Bocharov was:
Portrait of Heinz BraunHeinz Braun
german baker
Heinz Braun was:
Portrait of Arkadiy VovsiArkadiy Vovsi
Arkadiy Vovsi was:
Portrait of Vyacheslav GostinskyVyacheslav Gostinsky
member of a foreign delegation
Vyacheslav Gostinsky was:
Portrait of Erwin KnausmüllerErwin Knausmüller
Erwin Knausmüller was:
Portrait of Vladimir LebedevVladimir Lebedev
elderly waiter
Vladimir Lebedev was:
Portrait of Nadezhda LoktionovaNadezhda Loktionova
Nadezhda Loktionova was:
Portrait of Aleksei MironovAleksei Mironov
Aleksei Mironov was:
Portrait of Oleg MokshantsevOleg Mokshantsev
white officer
Oleg Mokshantsev was:
Portrait of Vladimir SolopovVladimir Solopov
white officer
Vladimir Solopov was:
Portrait of Nikolai TyaminNikolai Tyamin
Pyotr Ivanovich
Nikolai Tyamin was:
Portrait of Vladimir TroshinVladimir Troshin
caretaker of the vault of valuables
Vladimir Troshin was:
Portrait of Yan YanakiyevYan Yanakiyev
member of a foreign delegation
Yan Yanakiyev was:
Portrait of Stanislav KorenevStanislav Korenev
Stanislav Korenev was:
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