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Poster of Выстрел на границе

Выстрел на границе

Release Date: Tuesday, May 25 1971 (51 years ago)
Portrait of Armen AyvazyanArmen Ayvazyan
Armen Vanunts
Armen Ayvazyan was:
Portrait of Boris BityukovBoris Bityukov
colonel Kozyryev
Boris Bityukov was:
Portrait of Ara ManukyanAra Manukyan
lieutenant Sarkisyan
Ara Manukyan was:
Portrait of Ovanes VanyanOvanes Vanyan
Ovanes Vanyan was:
Portrait of Goar AkopyanGoar Akopyan
Goar Akopyan was:
Portrait of Rita GladunkoRita Gladunko
Vera Sergeyevna
Rita Gladunko was:
Portrait of Vyacheslav SirinVyacheslav Sirin
Vyacheslav Sirin was:
Portrait of N. SakadjN. Sakadj
N. Sakadj was:
Portrait of M. MnatsakanyanM. Mnatsakanyan
M. Mnatsakanyan was:
Portrait of Azat SherentsAzat Sherents
Azat Sherents was:
Portrait of Nikolay GevorkyanNikolay Gevorkyan
Border comissar
Nikolay Gevorkyan was:
Portrait of Rudolf GevondyanRudolf Gevondyan
Rudolf Gevondyan was:
Portrait of Miron KechoglyanMiron Kechoglyan
Miron Kechoglyan was:
Portrait of Yuri GrigorianYuri Grigorian
Yuri Grigorian was:
Portrait of Rachya KostanyanRachya Kostanyan
Rachya Kostanyan was:
Portrait of Valentin GrachevValentin Grachev
cook Pasha
Valentin Grachev was:
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