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ActorAgeCheck - How old was this actor in

Poster of The Killers

The Killers

Release Date: Tuesday, July 7 1964 (57 years ago)
Portrait of Lee MarvinLee Marvin
Charlie Strom
Lee Marvin was:
Portrait of Angie DickinsonAngie Dickinson
Sheila Farr
Angie Dickinson was:
Portrait of John CassavetesJohn Cassavetes
Johnny North
John Cassavetes was:
Portrait of Clu GulagerClu Gulager
Clu Gulager was:
Portrait of Claude AkinsClaude Akins
Earl Sylvester
Claude Akins was:
Portrait of Norman FellNorman Fell
Mickey Farmer
Norman Fell was:
Portrait of Ronald ReaganRonald Reagan
Jack Browning
Ronald Reagan was:
Portrait of Virginia ChristineVirginia Christine
Miss Watson
Virginia Christine was:
Portrait of Don HaggertyDon Haggerty
Mail Truck Driver
Don Haggerty was:
Portrait of Robert PhillipsRobert Phillips
Robert Phillips was:
Portrait of Kathleen O'MalleyKathleen O'Malley
Kathleen O'Malley was:
Portrait of Ted JacquesTed Jacques
Gym Assistant
Ted Jacques was:
Portrait of Irvin Mosley Jr.Irvin Mosley Jr.
Mail Truck Guard
Irvin Mosley Jr. was:
Portrait of Jimmy JoyceJimmy Joyce
Jimmy Joyce was:
Portrait of Davis RobertsDavis Roberts
Maître D'
Davis Roberts was:
Portrait of Hall BrockHall Brock
Race Marshal
Hall Brock was:
Portrait of Burt MustinBurt Mustin
Elderly Man
Burt Mustin was:
Portrait of Peter HobbsPeter Hobbs
Peter Hobbs was:
Portrait of Tyler McVeyTyler McVey
Tyler McVey was:
Portrait of Seymour CasselSeymour Cassel
Postal Clerk
Seymour Cassel was:
Portrait of Scott HaleScott Hale
Hotel Clerk
Scott Hale was:
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