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Poster of Be Here to Love Me

Be Here to Love Me

Release Date: Monday, September 13 2004 (18 years ago)
Portrait of Townes Van ZandtTownes Van Zandt
Self (archive footage)
Townes Van Zandt was:
Portrait of Willie NelsonWillie Nelson
Self - Musician
Willie Nelson was:
Portrait of Kris KristoffersonKris Kristofferson
Self - Musician
Kris Kristofferson was:
Portrait of Joe ElyJoe Ely
Self - Musician
Joe Ely was:
Portrait of Guy ClarkGuy Clark
Self - Musician
Guy Clark was:
Portrait of Donna SpenceDonna Spence
Self - Sister
Donna Spence was:
Portrait of Ann RiceAnn Rice
Self - First Cousin
Ann Rice was:
Portrait of Luke SharpeLuke Sharpe
Self - High School Classmate
Luke Sharpe was:
Portrait of John RuehlJohn Ruehl
Self - Shattuck Classmate
John Ruehl was:
Portrait of Bob 'Maverick' MyrickBob 'Maverick' Myrick
Self - College Roommate
Bob 'Maverick' Myrick was:
Portrait of Frank 'Chito' GreerFrank 'Chito' Greer
Self - Friend
Frank 'Chito' Greer was:
Portrait of Fran LohrFran Lohr
Self - First Wife
Fran Lohr was:
Portrait of Jerry Jeff WalkerJerry Jeff Walker
Self - Musician
Jerry Jeff Walker was:
Portrait of Kevin EggersKevin Eggers
Self - Record Producer and Label Owner
Kevin Eggers was:
Portrait of Wrecks BellWrecks Bell
Self - Bass Player
Wrecks Bell was:
Portrait of David OlneyDavid Olney
Self - Musician
David Olney was:
Portrait of J.T. Van ZandtJ.T. Van Zandt
Self - Son
J.T. Van Zandt was:
Portrait of Steve EarleSteve Earle
Self - Musician
Steve Earle was:
Portrait of Susanna ClarkSusanna Clark
Susanna Clark was:
Portrait of Peggy UnderwoodPeggy Underwood
Self - Townes' Lawyer
Peggy Underwood was:
Portrait of Leland WaddellLeland Waddell
Self - Drummer
Leland Waddell was:
Portrait of Cindy Van Zandt LindgramCindy Van Zandt Lindgram
Self - Second Wife
Cindy Van Zandt Lindgram was:
Portrait of Katie Belle Van ZandtKatie Belle Van Zandt
Self - Daughter
Katie Belle Van Zandt was:
Portrait of Mickey WhiteMickey White
Self - Guitarist
Mickey White was:
Portrait of John Lomax IIIJohn Lomax III
Self - Music Writer and Manager
John Lomax III was:
Portrait of Harold EggersHarold Eggers
Self - Road Manager and Agent
Harold Eggers was:
Portrait of Will Van ZandtWill Van Zandt
Self - Son
Will Van Zandt was:
Portrait of Jeanene Van ZandtJeanene Van Zandt
Self - Third Wife
Jeanene Van Zandt was:
Portrait of Dylan FerreroDylan Ferrero
Self - Road Manager
Dylan Ferrero was:
Portrait of Kinky FriedmanKinky Friedman
Self - Musician and Author
Kinky Friedman was:
Portrait of Emmylou HarrisEmmylou Harris
Self - Musician
Emmylou Harris was:
Portrait of Bob MooreBob Moore
Self - Friend
Bob Moore was:
Portrait of Steve ShelleySteve Shelley
Self - Sonic Youth
Steve Shelley was:
Portrait of Tim FoljahnTim Foljahn
Self - Two Dollar Guitar
Tim Foljahn was:
Portrait of Larry MonroeLarry Monroe
Self - DJ
Larry Monroe was:
Portrait of Lyle LovettLyle Lovett
Lyle Lovett was:
Portrait of William HedgepethWilliam Hedgepeth
Self - Audio Conversations with Townes Van Zandt (archive sound)
William Hedgepeth was:
Portrait of Lightnin' HopkinsLightnin' Hopkins
Self (archive footage)
Lightnin' Hopkins was:
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